• Harold Crane


    March 17, 2018 by Harold Crane

    My Favourite Character In Revenge Is Nolan Ross.

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  • Thereselovesyou
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  • Evafidjeland

    Eva Fidjeland Art

    June 22, 2016 by Evafidjeland

    EVA FIDJELAND is an artist, poet and photographer who lives in Orrefors, Sweden. She was born in Stockholm in 1955. Her art reflects cultural influences from childhood years spent in Portugal, Lebanon, Iran and Afghanistan. In 1978 she went to live in the artists’ village Ein Hod in Israel, where she learnt the art of making stained glass from Professor Joseph Chaaltiel —

    UPON RETURNING to Sweden Ms. Fidjeland was approached by the Vasa Museum to reconstruct glass details for the famous Vasa Ship from the 17th century — The new Vasa Museum was inaugurated in 1990.

    EVA Fidjeland has exhibited her work at numerous museums and galleries in Sweden as well as abroad.

    For more i…

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  • Agent Kallus Of The Imperial Security Bureau

    David Clarke is my favourite character

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  • The Grand Inquisitor

    1. Malcolm Black

    2. Two Graves

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  • Slug Fu Master

    Favourite Characters

    December 16, 2015 by Slug Fu Master

    1.David Clarke

    2.Malcolm Black

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  • JaumeDS
    If this episode has teached us something is that anyone is safe in this show, even the great Queen of the Hamptons can go down any time. But what a way she has gone, if she had to go she will leave her way. Since the second half of Season 3, Victoria has been loosing everything that she has ever loved and most of them on Emily's fault. First her beloved son her loved Pascal, then her daughter and son, her past lover and the chance of having grandchildren, and in everyone, Emily had something to, exept Patrick. But when she had a truly loss it was when she entered the psychiatric and lost her house. She always saw the Grayson Manor as her hell but also as her heaven. Even after everything that passed in that manor she always refugied in it'… Read more >
  • JaumeDS

    How to kill Revenge

    February 23, 2015 by JaumeDS

    Dear ABC. You have created some amazing shows, including my favourite one, Revenge. But I'm very disappointed on you because you've also killed my favourite show.

    You killed Revenge back on early 2014 when you moved it to the 10:00 PM slot, making it go down in the number of viewers. You move it to let Resurrection in, but it never archieved what Revenge did. This made Revenge loose the viewers that did not like Ressurection as they changed the channel and did not return to ABC at 10:00 PM.

    But you have really destroy it this year, in a way that shows us that you don't care for you shows. You saw it was loosing viewers but you did not try to fix it, you directly kill it off.

    I say this because, even after being moved, Revenge managed to survi…

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  • Mayagtz1

    Daniel or Aiden?

    February 15, 2015 by Mayagtz1

    So all the way back in season 3 when emily has to pick daniel or aiden who do you think should have been her true love? For me i liked dainel in the begin of the show but i alway thought Aiden and Emily/ Amanda had a coonection so i would have to say.............wait for it(how i met your mother quote)......... AIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Dockyss


    January 25, 2015 by Dockyss

    Guys, does anyone have an e-mail or some kind of way to contact the producers, so we can express our feelings and share with them our thoughts about series??

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  • JaumeDS

    What's Next?

    January 25, 2015 by JaumeDS

    In this first mid-season we've seen Emily struggling with her past: she has discovered that her father had been alive all this time, and her true identity has been revealed to nearly every Hamptonite. The appearance of his father has brought anything but more questions, and all this questions have been answered after this past week episode with the conclusion of the Malcolm Black story.

    Abduction was a brilliant episode with a lot of action scenes and for the first time we've seen Emily and Victoria working along. At first I tought that Victoria would pair with Malcolm to save her life and that he's story arch would least until the season finale. But discovering that Emily had planned everything was mind-blowing. It remind me of the first s…

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  • Gene Khan

    Malcolm Black Quotes

    January 21, 2015 by Gene Khan
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  • Gene Khan

    Malcolm Black

    January 21, 2015 by Gene Khan

    Is One Of My Favourite Charcters

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  • The Unbeatable Master


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  • Ultimate slug slinger





    The Fa1con

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  • Thenchick

    Revenge Official Theme

    December 6, 2014 by Thenchick

    Since Season four is different colored poster than season three, I thought that the colors of this site needed to change. At least some of them. So I took the color from the season 4 official poster.


    Thenchick 19:52, December 6, 2014 (UTC)

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  • JaumeDS

    Trivia Space

    November 6, 2014 by JaumeDS

    Lastly the Trivia Section has been inundated with personal thoughts, speculations of upcoming episodes or spoilers from the episode. I the trivia section should be filled with DETAILS WITH NO IMPORTANCE:

    Example: Pilot:

    • Although set in The Hamptons, the pilot for Revenge was filmed in North Carolina and the rest of the series filmed in California.
    • The role of Emily's father in the pilot was to played by Marc Blucas however this role has since been recast with James Tupper due to Blucas' commitment to USA Network drama Necessary Roughness.

    (This is extra information about the episode)


    • David punches Nolan for some reason.
    • Emily will discover more about David's secret past, she also m…
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    Ok so the new episdoe of revenge Charollate tries to kill Emily one word.... CRAZY, i mean what is that about someone needs to check her into the lonney bin, also David Clark some how he is alive and has kidnapped the one the only... Victoria Greyson and even if she does escape please to god David do not fall for her games because if David doesn't kill queen Victoria he does think that his little angel is dead will David ever know the truth or will he do something that he'll regret later on....

    Comment what you think will happen, until next time keep on watching and viewing all the blogs. 

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  • Rachid7568

    Test 1

    October 16, 2014 by Rachid7568

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  • JaumeDS

    A new Revenge

    September 30, 2014 by JaumeDS

    Emily has won, Conrad's dead and Victoria is in a hospitalized in a psychiatric . But she is not ok, she doesn't want to be Amanda Clarke again because she has nothing left. After all these years planning her revenge she's empty, and can only be filled by punishing the others, even if they have nothing to do with the Graysons.

    But Victoria's really feeling guilty of what she's done and tried to make peace, but as Emily refused she decided to go after her with a brilliant prison brake. The only thing I didn't liked about this episode is that their painting Victoria as the hero and Emily as the villain. Victoria condemned Emily to leave without her father and killed her lover. Victoria is after her because of Pascal's death but Emily has noth…

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  • PLLLOVER1234

    Nominate three for each category and then vote for them after nominations close in two days!

    Best Episode:

    Best Actress:

    Best Actor:

    Best Character:

    Worst Episode:

    Worst Actor/Actress:

    Worst Character:

    Best moment:

    Worst moment:

    Comment your choices below!

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  • Revenge.emily.daniel

    Hi again Revengers, tell me below on the comment wall and tell me was is your favorite episode?

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  • Revenge.emily.daniel
     Ok, Revengers i wanna know who is your favorite couple? is it Emily & Daniel, Emily and Aiden?? tell me witch couple you love. Here are reasons to why they shouldor shouldnt be together pick. Emily and Daniel, 
    • 1) Daniel cares about here/feelings
    •  2) He has a kind heart 
    •  3) Daniel is a honest person. 
    Three reason to pick Emily and Aiden
    •  1) He loves her. 
    • 2) They want the same thing in life ( revenge).
    •  3) He will do anything for her.
     Reasons why Emily & Daniel shouldnt get together. 
    • 1) Shot her.
    • 2) Cheated on her.
    • 3) Mad at her for keeping her past a secret. 
    Reasons why Emily & Aiden shouldnt get together
    • 1) Aiden killed one of the people Emily cared about. 
    • 2) Purpose to her when somebody was engaged to her. 
    • 3) Kissed her on her wedding day. 
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  • Asnow89

    Hey there Revenge fans!

    Are you counting down the days until the Revenge Season 3 finale this Sunday? Invite a few friends over for a finale viewing party and serve some of these Revenge-themed recipes to impress your friends!

    Stick with finger foods, in true Victoria Grayson style. Let red be the main color theme of your party. Just for fun, hide a few surprises around your party to shock your friends (because, as we know in Revenge, nothing is ever really what it seems). Enjoy!

    You can't have a Revenge party without serving some seafood. The show is set in the Hamptons, which is right on the water. Your guests won't see the kick of spicy wasabi in these oysters coming (in true Revenge style).

    As a shout out to the man who taught Emily everyt…

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  • JaumeDS

    The Aftermath

    May 6, 2014 by JaumeDS

    Finally we've seen Emily getting her revenge. At least over Conrad. I expected to see the arrest scene the same we saw on the pilot with David Clarke but it was better, because for the fist time we've seen Conrad ready to face his fate. In the past episode we saw one of the best scenes EVER in revenge. I'm talking about the one where Victoria is playing the piano like she is celebrating her freedom, even when Conrad asked her if she planned everything she was that happy that she took the blame. This beautiful scene ended up with Conrad in jail which I was expecting since Season 2 Episode 14 Sacrifice, specially in Season 2 Episode 21-22 Truth, Part 1, Truth, Part 2. We can cross his face, but Emily didn't. Here's why; Conrad is only arrest…

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  • JaumeDS

    This last episode has been a fight between Nolan and Margaux & Daniel. The price, Javier's app. Even after Nolan left him stay in his house and helped him, Nolan was loosing the figth as Charlotte conviced Javier to go with Daniel. Charlotte has always been a friend of Emily, but this season she has become an enemy. Personally I don't like this new Charlotte because Daniel is using her and she doesn't see it. Also because even she is a Grayson I've never seen her as a target but we didn't see Daniel as an enemy in Season 1 but now he's worst than his parents. Guess no Grayson can change it's desiny, even if they surname is Clarke. She will fall like her brother as Nolan has declare war againts this two. They should be scared as we've neve…

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  • JaumeDS

    Pick Up Your Team

    April 7, 2014 by JaumeDS

    In the past episodes there have been two major teams; the first one lidered by Emily Thorne (Revengers) and a second one lidered by Daniel Grayson and Victoria Grayson (Graysons). Emily has three great allies, Nolan, Jack and Aiden, but Daniel has tried to put everyone else against them, specially the ones we tought that could have been allies, Margaux and Charlotte.

    His key with Margaux has been Jack and Emily's relationship, and Margaux and Jack's is getting darker and some day it will explode. So I foresee a big fight against these two before the season finishes, specially now that Daniel and Margaux seem to have chemestry between them. But Margaux is not the only who is turning againts Jack, Charlotte is realising that Daniel is wright …

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  • JaumeDS

    The Crossfire

    March 31, 2014 by JaumeDS

    The past episodes we've seen the battle between Emily and the Graysons. But this episode it's been about the crossfire. In particular Margaux and Jack. Daniel has tried to put Margaux against Jack, knowing that Jack is a friend of Emily. But I'm a little disapointed because during that scene Charlotte arrived and Daniel asked him about when Emilly was in hospital. I thought that Charlotte would say that Emily told her that her father was David Clarke, but she said nothing, the writers could have use that a little more. 

    The war between Emily and Victoria is growing. Emily is trying to make Pascal talk so now Victoria is trying to keep it off. But then she let Emily win to let her talk with Pascal but in fact, Pascal was recording it to tell…

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  • ClarkA90

    Hi everyone I,am a hugest fan of a show called Revenge and i,am always would like to be Amanda Clark & Nolan because they are Priavte Invesgator who can get Infomation and never get cught. All  I,am saying is how much I know  what it real feeling's of those inportant people and I can feel it to in a different driections.

    My All time favorite charcter is is Ross Nolan and Amanda Clark as Emily grysen. 

    Revenge is like something but wish I could live with them somehow thank you for your awesome apprecaited.

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  • JaumeDS

    The "Other's" Story

    March 11, 2014 by JaumeDS

    First of all, I declare myself the fan nº1 of Stevie Grayson. At first I tought that she would get burn after fighting with Victoria, but she has kicked her out of the Grayson Manor. In Revenge we've always seen Victoria as the queen of the Hamptons but this season she has lost power, and after seeing Payback Victoria is over, the new queen is Stevie Grayson. Like they said in Hatred, nothing beats the original. But by experience we know that Victoria won't fall that easy so in Struggle we are expecting to see Victoria's move.

    When Conrad visited her I thought that she would fall in love again like Lydia Davis did, but she rejected him. I think that is the first woman that rejects Conrad, no one by her could resist his "charms", Ashley, Lyd…

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  • Revengefan101

    Emily's shooting

    February 4, 2014 by Revengefan101

    Hey everyone,

    As we all know Emily was shot by Daniel and her plan ultimately failed, but i think that her original plan to frame Victoria for her murder is weak and not very good or thought out. As Emily once said to Aiden that the punishment she came to the Hamptons to give had nothing to do with prision, so why is trying to send Victoria to prison? If maybe her plan had more purpose and ramifacations it would be a better, like for example:

    If framing Victoria resulted in the whole consiracy being blow and all the co-consirators were exposed and destroyed and David's name was cleared then it would be a more fitting "end" even though Emily's plan would fail when Daniel actually shot her it would have been a good goal that she could've been …

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  • Revengefan101

    Emily's Blackouts?

    January 20, 2014 by Revengefan101

    Hey Guys, 

    In the episode "Hatred " we see Emily swimming in the Grayson's pool after finding out about Aiden and Niko then she blacks out and awakes at Nolans house with Aiden, then later on we see Emily black out again but this time wakes up in Conrad's bed and he tells her she was wonderful the previous night! Did they sleep together? I think it's very likely but I don't really like this black out direction right now but maybe it will grow on me i dont know just yet. 

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  • JaumeDS

    Wife vs Husband

    January 18, 2014 by JaumeDS

    Now in Revene we have another marriage without love. Emily and Daniel hate eachother, however Emily is lying to complete her revenge, and something tells me that Daniel is going to fall with his parents. But Emily has a surprise for the Grayson heir; Sara's mother will appear to take out Sara, and please take her out FOREVER. I'm done with seeing her saying things like; I can't be with you anymore, because in the next episode she returns like nothing has happened. For the rest of the season, last week I thought that Victoria had the control in the show but Emily has never lost it. At firts I thought that Emily would leave the revenge but Conrad took her father, Victoria her mother and Daniel now his descendance. She can't let them win, an…

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  • Marzbarz

    Guess what guys!

    Karine Vanasse, who plays Margaux LeMarchal now has the option of becoming a regular in Season 4.

    What are your thoughts? Are you excited she has already been promoted?

    Source: [1]

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  • I hate Emily Thorne

    ATLANTA (Reuters) - A revenge character who while on a plane flight slapped a crying toddler and called the little boy, who is black, a racial slur was sentenced on Monday to eight months in prison for an incident his attorney blamed on his alcoholism.

    Emily Thorne, who apologized in court to the child's mother, was accused of striking the 19-month-old boy in the face on board a Delta Air Lines flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta last February.

    Thorne, 29, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge in October. Prosecutors had recommended a six-month prison sentence, but a federal judge opted for a stiffer punishment.

    "Cigar...? ," Thorne told the child's mother during the court hearing in Atlanta. "does anyone want a cigar? ."

    Thorne's atto…

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  • JaumeDS

    The Heart-breaking return

    January 6, 2014 by JaumeDS

    This episode has been amazing. I've to say that at first I was scared with all the changes, but it has been amazing. I've to mention five moments;

    • Emily saying that her father is David Clarke.
    • Niko kissing Aiden.
    • Emily telling Jack that Daniel shot her.
    • Lydia's plot.
    • Patrick telling Victoria about the Infinity Box.

    Emily and Charlotte's relationship has been very tense exept for the two last episode. They are now like sisters again. So that Emily told her that her father was David Clarke made me think that Charlotte could be a new allie, knowing Emily's secret. I've read about Niko and Aiden's relationship. They say that Aiden is cheating on Emily but I think that he is just using her. Now that Emily telling Jack that Daniel shot her means that …

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  • JaumeDS

    The Next Mid-Season

    December 24, 2013 by JaumeDS

    I think that Exodus has changed everything in Revenge. Emily has lost her memory and she don't remember who she is. Victoria knows that Emily has been after her family since before they met and maybe she will know that she is Amanda Clarke. Emily's plan has failed as Daniel has shot her. Now what's going to happen? Two thing can happen;

    • Emily will never get back her memory and will stop her plan and will have a happy life with her true love. (I don't write names because I still don't know who he is)
    • Emily will get back her memory and will takedown Daniel as well.

    Anyway I hope that Lydia falls from her attic again and dies. The more episodes I see the more I hate her. I mean it's been amazing her return, because in Revenge nobody is completel…

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  • JaumeDS

    I've just seen the mid-season finale and it's AMAZING. It has began as good as I expected. But when Sara appeared, didn't she left FOR GOOD. So the Wedding began and Lydia Davis is officially the owner of the beach house. So everybody is in the yacht. Emily Grayson began her plan by leaving alone Victoria and leaving. But Lydia told Victoria that Emily was in the 2002 Grayson New Year's Bash showing her the photo. Victoria went to the deck of the yacht were Emily was getting ready for her plan. She revealed to Victoria that she wasn't pregnant and Aiden took her away but Daniel hear it and shot to the woman who make him lose the real love of his life. So, Patrick is near to discover the Infinity Box. Emily's fate, unknown as we've just see…

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  • JaumeDS

    Emily's Final Plan

    December 9, 2013 by JaumeDS

    After seeing Surrender I'm seeing how Emily's plan it's coming to an end. She has put gun resides in one of Victoria's bracelets for the investigation. She finally (I hope) has get rid of Sara Munello so her fianceé has no more distractions. Personally I've liked Sara's departure but I think that she will return, unfortunately. Lydia's return has begin very good but after seeing Conrad she has stepped back. She is the same scared girl we saw at Season 1. But when you thought that everything was finished, BOOM. Lydia finds the photo from the 2002 Grayson New Year's Bash. Victoria, what can I say? She had allies to stop the wedding but she is alone now. So what can she do? Surrender. She can't see his boy marring "that little bitch" so she w…

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  • JaumeDS

    Please Revenge, Start again

    December 2, 2013 by JaumeDS

    Revenge will air in 6 days. I'm so exited those two weeks have seem an eternity. I'm lucky E! News nearly revealed who was the shooter. We've also discovered new information; the appearence of Patrick's father, Jimmy (I thought that the father was Maxwell, Victoria's mother's boyfriend, add this to the list of Victoria's lies). The appearence of Sara's mother, Loretta, so I guess that Sara will stay for a while.  Conrad's first's wife, Stevie, wil be a new enemy to Victoria. We will also see Nico, a doctor woman from Aiden's past.

    Now it's time for predictions for the mid-season finale and I will make mine ; Emily will frame Victoria for her murder and will leave with Aiden in the yacht, but Daniel will discover what Emily has done and will…

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  • JaumeDS

    This week that Revenge is in a hiatus I don't know what to do. But I discovered that E! News has discovered who is the shooter this is the list of their candidates:

    • Nolan Ross
    • Charlotte Clarke
    • Victoria Grayson
    • David Clarke
    • Kara Wallace
    • Daniel Grayson
    • Jack Porter
    • Declan Porter
    • Ashley Davenport
    • Patrick Osbourne

    Every 100 tweets with the hastag #RevengeShoter they will discard one suspect. They've alredy discard two; Victoria Grayson, and Kara Wallace. I've discarded Patrick (Emily would never say sorry to him), Ashley (seriously? Ashley in the list?) and Declan (he is totaly dead, and he has nothing against Emily). It leaves;

    Nolan Ross
    It would mean a big betrayal for Emily, I hope that he is not

    Charlotte Clarke
    This season their relationship has been ve…

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  • JaumeDS

    The Secret Plan

    November 18, 2013 by JaumeDS

    This season is not being like the others, in this one we know that Emily is preparing a huge plan to finish her revenge. In every episode we discover new things about it. In Dissolution we discover that Emily is planning to frame Victoria for her murder and leave for good with Aiden. We also knew that The Grayson Manor was vital to make it happen. Today in Secrecy we discover that the murder's weapon is a gun and Aiden is trying to make it seem like Victoria has brought it. I still believe that what we saw in the flash forward is Emily framing Victoria. We've also seen so many secrets, Charlotte hiring Aiden. Aiden asking a favor to Nolan in Emily's backs. The Graysons men liar and the Graysons women knoledge about it. Victoria with her pl…

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  • JaumeDS

    Nemily's Resurgence

    November 11, 2013 by JaumeDS

    If in the last episode Nolan and Emily's relationship became tense, in this one it has return like old times. But today Nolan had his first takedown to Bizzy, the one who made his father stop talking him and the one was trying to make Victoria and Emily "friends" running Emily's plan for August 8th. I'm very disapointed with Charlotte, I thought that she was in Emily's side, like she was in Destiny or Resurrection. But now she is trying to put an end to the wedding and unlike her mother she is getting it, Daniel nearly kissed Sara. In this season Charlotte and Emily's relationship has been nothing but tense and every time that Emily tried to be closer to her she constantly failed. I hope that the mother-daughter plan to stop the wedding fa…

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  • JaumeDS

    Ilusion for Dissolution

    November 5, 2013 by JaumeDS

    I've just seen the next Revenge episode: Dissolution it was amazing, when everything seems to fall Emily finds a way to stop it. If Conrad tries to sell the house she scares her estate agent, if Victoria tries to leave the house, Aiden shows her their fortune. No one is leaving without Emily's permission and Patrick wasn't lucky enough as Jack allied with Conrad to kick him out. The worst thing of Patrick's departure is Nolan's heart. Poor Nolan could you please leave him alone. Every relationship with Nolan is destined to end badly. Let's see his past lovers;

    • 1 Marco Romero: Betrayed Nolan and he had to give Nolcorp to Daniel Grayson
    • 2 Tyler Barrol: Tied and gagged him. Died shot by Satoshi Takeda
    • 3 Padma Lahari: Kidnapped and killed by Tra…
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  • JaumeDS


    October 31, 2013 by JaumeDS

    I would like to write about the Americon Initiative. During all the second season the Initiative was planning a next move, telling Daniel to get Stone Heaven United, Conrad joining in, trying to get Carrion, kidnapping Padma. And all to  blow up Grayson Global? I thought that the initiative was more dangerous. The attack of Grayson Global was impressing in its moment but if we think in what happened next it's a little humiliating.

    • First Nolan's arrest. Trask forced Padma to record the video to frame him, but six months after the attack he was set free
    • Second Conrad as governor. If the whole attack was set to stablish Conrad as a Governor for his implication in helping everybody after the attack, it didn't went very well as he resigned six mo…
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  • JaumeDS

    Season 3 Review

    October 31, 2013 by JaumeDS

    In my first entrance I would like to write about the beginning of the Season 3. It started as good as I have expected. The first episode was awsome, I was like, Is Emily poisoning Conrad just to takedown Ashley? Also Victoria saying that she and Emily were family, unpayable, even after they returned to reality a few moments after when they leaved both in diferent cars without saying a word to eachother. In the next episodes I saw that Emily was posioning Conrad to make him confess, but her plan went wrong when Patrick tried to kill Conrad and eventually killed Father Paul. Then Emily's problems with Daniel made me think that there wouldn't be a Wedding but when she showed him Amanda's photo I saw it clear, the wedding will happen. And afte…

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  • MrAnonymous

    I think I'd want Daniel to either end up with Emily or be the one that causes her down fall. I can see him going out like Walter White dying and then in his final moments he reveals that Emily has been poisoned though I reserve this ending for them only if Emily's obsession with revenge turns her into a complete monster and she kills Daniel only to hurt Victoria only to find that Daniel already killed her saying "I already killed you Emily I spiked your wine with ricin."

    Though a really good ending is her choosing Daniel and freaking out over the idea he might find out and spending the rest of her day hoping he never learns the truth. Then only for the audience it's hinted that he knows by saying to a stranger something like "Yeah she's bea…

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  • MrAnonymous

    I keep thinking it's Charlotte there's something off about her this season I think that some how she found out what Emily was doing and now some how blames her for Declan being killed.

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  • Revenge-intikam

    Derin Çelik

    October 5, 2013 by Revenge-intikam

    beren saat who play emily thorem in turkish copy from revenge

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  • Gcheung28

    With Season 3 looming in the distance, we just have one thing to say...what in the world is going to happen THIS season?!? When Season 2 ended, we were left with Jack Porter knowing that Emily Thorne was actually Amanda Clarke, a dead Declan Porter (we still get teary eyed thinking about it), and Victoria Grayson's long lost son Patrick Osbourne coming back to her life! With all of these things set up for Season 3, we are seriously wondering where the show is going to go!

    We have some things we are hoping will happen, so read on and let us know what your predictions and questions are for this coming season in the comments below!

    • Emily showed up in the promo wearing a wedding dress before falling off a boat BECAUSE SHE GOT SHOT! Obviously she…
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