Carole Miller
Portrayed by Tess Harper
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Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Residence: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Alias: CM
Carole Thomas
Physical Description
Relatives: Nolan Ross (nephew)
Character Information
First appearance: Absolution
Latest appearance: Grief
Appearance Count: 2

Carole Lyn Miller is Nolan Ross's aunt who knows of David Clarke's innocence.


Season 1

Carole Miller is Nolan's aunt who took him in after he dropped out of school and was kicked out by his father. Working as Conrad Grayson’s secretary, she knows and even introduces Nolan to David Clarke, the man who helped get NolCorp off of the ground.

Nolan was able to convince Carole that David may have been innocent, so she began investigating Grayson Global while working for Conrad. She discovers Roger Halsted, Grayson Global's then senior accountant who could have proven David Clarke’s innocence, and obtains all the information they would have needed. However, they never get the chance as David had already been murdered. Shortly after Nolan finds out, Nolan called Carole in a panic and had her go into hiding immediately.

Fearing for her life, Nolan fakes her death, making it seem like Carole Miller died of cardiac arrest at the New Mercy Hospital in Manhasset, NY, on April 24, 2002, two days after David Clarke's assassination. Nolan had her change her identity and she has been posing as Carole Thomas ever since. She has spent the last 15 years living a quiet life on a remote farm, at the “place we went to that one summer with the horses,” as stated by Nolan Ross.

Emily Thorne figures out that she is the "CM" referred to in her father's journal. She pays her a visit in the guise of 'Alison Rodner' of the Department of Homeland Security, but is interrupted when Carole takes out a shotgun. Nolan comes out just in time to stop them and they both explain everything to Emily. She is also the one who tells Emily about the white-haired man that had been visiting David before his sudden death.


  • According to her hospital records, she was born on June 20, 1950.
  • Carole originally began working for Conrad in 1988.
  • Dr. Lyle Jameson is a physician listed as Carole Miller's primary care physician. When Emily contacts him, he denies knowing a Carole Miller and says that his only Carole patient is a Thomas. It is possible that this physician helped Nolan fake her death, seeing as he must have known her before and after her change of identity.