Charlotte Clarke's 19th Birthday Party
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Grayson Manor


Summer 2013



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Wedding of Daniel Grayson and Amanda Clarke

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Hamptons Art Walk

Daniel forgot again his sister's birthday so he decided to organize her party. Emily had a black-out and woke up in the middle of the party. Emily went to talk with Victoria who reminded her that she won't be able to concieve. Emily listened to Charlotte and Conrad talking about her new job in Voulez so Emily congratulated her and Charlotte told her that she alredy told it. Emily asked Conrad how was his plan with Stevie and he offered her his suite. Margaux came to Daniel to apologise and to ask about Conrad and Pascal's relationship. He told her that Pascal had some invests in Grayson Global and that they were old friends. Victoria saw Jimmy at the party so she went to kick him out, but he nearly recognised her.