Portrayed by N/A
Biographical Information
Born: Unborn
Status: Deceased
Episode of Death: Truth, Part 2
Cause of Death: Miscarriage via mother's stress under certain circumstances.
Physical Description
Gender: Unknown
Parents: Charlotte Clarke (mother)
Declan Porter † (father)
Relatives: Victoria Grayson † (maternal grandmother)
David Clarke † (maternal grandfather)
Carl Porter † (paternal grandfather)
Marion Harper † (maternal great grandmother, via Victoria)
Maxwell † (maternal great grandfather, via Victoria)
Amanda Clarke (maternal half-aunt)
Daniel Grayson † (maternal half-uncle)
Patrick Harper (maternal half-uncle)
Jack Porter (paternal uncle)
Emily Porter † (paternal aunt through marriage)
Carl David Porter (paternal cousin)
Unborn Maternal Cousin via Daniel
Character Information
First appearance: Engagement (mentioned)
Latest appearance: Sin (mentioned)

Charlotte and Declan's Unborn Child was the child of Charlotte Clarke and Declan Porter. His/her existence was first revealed in "Engagement".


Season 2

It is unknown when the baby was conceived. In the episode, Engagement, Charlotte had already begun getting nauseous and vomiting. Charlotte was initially scared to tell anyone about her pregnancy, but eventually tells her brother, Daniel Grayson, and her friend, Regina George, who then offers to raise the child with her instead of Declan. Declan then learns the news from Victoria Grayson, who found the used pregnancy test in Daniel's trash. Declan then tells Charlotte that he was excited about becoming a father hours before he died from complications of his surgery after being injured in a bombing. Charlotte also told Emily Thorne.

Season 3

Before season 3 Charlotte miscarried then went to France to take her mind off all losses she has endured. Charlotte had miscarried due to the stress of losing Declan and believing she was at fault because she lied and said she was at Grayson Global. When Jack found out about Charlotte's guilt, he told her Conrad has planted the bomb that killed Declan, and Charlotte blamed Conrad for losing her baby and turned her back on him.


  • Just like their cousin Carl, if the baby would've been born it would be missing one of their parents growing up; Carl lost his mother, Amanda Clarke while this child would have lost their father, Declan Porter