Daniel's Birthday Clam Bake
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Emily's House's Beach


Summer 2011



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This party celebrated the 24th birthday of Daniel GraysonJack Porter served them seafood; along with surprised newcomer, Amanda Clarke. When Emily went to go fetch the cake, she had a confrontation with Tyler. He also tried to threaten her and at that moment he pulled out Emily's gun; of whom she had disarmed (however Tyler does not know this). While Emily tries to confess what a 'hypocrite' he really is and tries to defend herself, she slowly places Frank Stevens' wallet in his jacket, without him noticing, so he would be framed for Frank's death. While everbody watched Emily's held with a well-lit, bright cake, Tyler had her at gunpoint right beside her. He decided to play 'dirty', along with a game of "truth or die". Tyler explains one simple rule: 'He asks a question, and you tell the truth. If you don't, then Emily dies'. While Ashley pleaded him to stop, Victoria begged him not to harm any of her children. He then threatened Conrad Grayson to tell the truth about David Clarke. Conrad consists him to stop and explains it has nothing to do with anyone here, and tries to calm him. Suddenly, Tyler responded "wrong awnser". He aimed the gun towards Emily's head. Just about to pull the trigger, his brother, Alexander Barrol arrived, along with Nolan Ross. Tyler is shocked to see him, and asks why he is here. As he spoke to his brother, Jack and Daniel both tackled him to the floor, as he was punched by Daniel. The police arrived, and they drove Tyler away. While Conrad discussed Frank's murder to Victoria, Ashley takes Nolan by the arm, Emily comforts Daniel and Jack cuddles up to Amanda as Emily slowly glares from sight.