Dominik Wright
Portrayed by James Purefoy
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Occupation: Artist
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Significant Others: Victoria Grayson (mistress) †
Relatives: Unknown
Character Information
First appearance: "Doubt"
Latest appearance: "Justice"
Appearance Count: 2
Dominik Wright is a former lover of Victoria Grayson who had a career and life of unrealized potential.

Dominik's painting of Victoria

Before she met Conrad, she and Dominik had a relationship and were also partners in crime in art forgery. Dominik, an artist, would recreate the works of famous artists and sell them to collectors with Victoria's help. One of their most famous "crimes" was selling a De Kooning painting to Conrad.

Given Dominik's already existing problems with the law, he quickly packed up and left town after Conrad threatened him during a "visit" to discuss his relationship with Victoria in Justice and threatened to expose him as a forger.


Season 1


  • Dominik is mentioned to have sold Conrad a de Kooning painting. It's unspecified whether he referred to Willem de Kooning, a Dutch American abstract expressionist, or Elaine de Kooning, an American abstract expressionist and figurative expressionist.