Edward Alvarez
Portrayed by Nestor Serrano
Edward Profile
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Episode of Death: Epitaph
Time of Death: Summer 2014
Cause of Death: Stabbed by Malcolm Black
Occupation: Police chief
Organization: South Hampton Police Department
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black (greying)
Character Information
First appearance: Meteor
Latest appearance: Epitaph
Appearance Count: 5

Edward Alvarez was the police chief and an old friend of Victoria Grayson. He was also the mentor of officer Ben Hunter.

Season 4

In "Meteor", Edward told officer Jack Porter that they need to close the case quickly. He called Victoria in and told her that David Clarke was in custody. He also tells her about the break in at Grayson Manor. Edward spoke at a press conference; telling the audience David's story, that they were releasing him, and that David was going to make a statement later that night.

In "Repercussions", Edward told Jack to go home because of how the reporters were going after Jack due to his connection to David. Edward later confronted Ben about pulling a file, and then ordered Ben to give him back the file.

In "Contact", Edward introduced Jack and Ben to FBI agent Kate Taylor, whom had been assigned to help them close the murder of Conrad Grayson. He told Jack that Kate wanted to work with him on the case.

In "Intel", Edward, Kate, Jack, and Ben discover that the guy they had in custody had committed suicide by hanging. Edward offers for Victoria to stay with him until they find out who is after David, but she politely declines.

In "Epitaph", Edward pulls David over and orders him to open the back of the van. David refuses because he doesn't have cause. Edward says he finds David suspicious, but David accuses Edward of being jealous that he is with Victoria. Edward tells him to open it up or he will. David does and Edward finds nothing suspicious.

As Edward is leaving for the night, a car pulls up and Ted Powell of the FBI steps out of it. Ted tells him that Agent Kate Taylor never made it back to the office. Edward goes to call Jack and notices that Ted's license plate doesn't have the Government issue tags. Ted responds by stabbing Edward and introduces himself as Malcolm Black.