Eli James
Portrayed by Collins Pennie
Eli James 1
Status: Alive
Parents: Unnamed parents

Meredith Hayward (foster mother)

Siblings: Emily Thorne (foster sister)
Nathan Anderson (foster brother)
Cristina Miller (foster sister)
Also Portrayed by: Young Eli:
Akinsola Aribo
First appearance: Retribution
Latest appearance: Victory
Eli James is Emily Thorne's former foster brother. He first appeared in Season 2's "Retribution".


Eli and Emily shared a foster home when they were children fourteen years ago. Eli often protected her from their abusive foster mother. They were split up when Emily, who often played with matches, burned the house down. It was later revealed that her fire was put out, but he restarted it in an attempt to stay with Emily. As an adult, Eli began a series of cons in which he posed as a dealer of rare books with a high degree from Columbia University. Over time, he got outstanding warrants in three states.

Season Two

Eli first appeared in the end of "Retribution", when visiting Amanda's grave after contacting Charlotte online. Emily, who is also there, recognizes him, but doesn't reveal who she really is. The last time she saw him was 14 years ago.

In "Illumination", Eli figures out who Emily really is when he sees her double-infinity tattoo (he often saw her draw the symbol). She buys his silence with a $100,000 check and has Nolan wipe his criminal record. Later in the episode at a charity event, he donates the money to the newly founded Amanda Clarke Foundation and is chosen by Victoria to co-chair it.

In "Victory", Eli continues a personal revenge plan against his former caregiver, Meredith Hayward. After exposing her abuse during a press conference, he forces her into the coal storage at the Hayward House like she had done to the children who lived there and forces her to tell him what she did with David's letters to Amanda.

Events That Has Attended

Season 2


Season Two


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