Sabotage 2
Fundraiser and Wine Auction
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New York, USA


Summer 2012



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This was a beneficial gala celebrated in New York by Emily and Daniel. All the money the collected was donated to Children's Trust Foster Network, a charity that supports foster kids who have aged out of the system and have no where to go. Victoria invited Jason Proser, one of Conrad's rival to humiliate Daniel. Nolan as always had a total control on the electrical network. Then Daniel and Jason competed to get the last article, Daniel to demonstrate that he wasn't weak and Jason impulsed by Victoria. Nolan also bided up to warm things up. It ended with Daniel wining it with 1 million dollars. Then Helen appeared but briefly because she leaved moments later with Aiden, but first she gave a check to Emily. When Aiden and Helen were in the elevator it stopped and a sleeping gas was flitered. They both wake up in an abandoned warehouse being interrogated by a masked men, Aiden managed to free himself and fought with the masked men. He shoot him and free Helen and they run away as another masked men came. The second men unmasks himself and it is Nolan, the first stands up and unmaks. She is Emily and she is allright. Victoria told Jason that Daniel was up to Stoneheaven United knowing that he would go for it. Daniel gave the bottle to Emily. When Emily and Daniel had it at her house that night it had gone bad.