Hayward House is a foster home run by Meredith Hayward. The foster home was officially set up to look after older children whom were more difficult to rehome to proper families. However Meredith Hayward scammed much of the money for herself instead of the children whom were treated very poorly.


During their childhoods both Emily Thorne and Eli James were fostered here where the two children formed a strong sibling relationship. Whilst living in Hayward house Emily and Eli along with the other foster children of the home were often mistreated by Meredith Hayward whom would regularly lock the children in a cell in the basement with a thick iron door and leave them in it for hours if not days sometimes stating "No parent will ever want you" whilst locking them in.

One day when it looked likely that Emily could be getting adopted she set a fire in the basement before heading upstairs. Her fire went out however and Eli James relit it himself causing a fire that set Hayward House ablaze. Emily was given the blame for the fire and sent to Juvie for five years.