Honeymoon 1
Event Information

The Amanda


September 2nd, 2012


Destiny (flash-forward)

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Wedding of Jack and Amanda

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Annual Labour day Bash (hosted by Graysons)

Right after their wedding, Jack and Amanda began their Honeymoon in Jack's boat; The Amanda. But they didn't know that Nate Ryan was also there to destroy Amanda's proves against the Graysons. The next morning they found Nate who threatened them. He asked them what did they do to make Conrad retire but they said nothing. Emily saw Nate in the Amanda in one of Charlotte's photos from the day of the wedding and began to search them. She and Nolan rent a boat and went to save them. Nate phoned Conrad and he told him everything about the portable and Amanda. Then Amanda confessed everything about the portable and about Emily's revenge but she said that it was her and not Emily. Jack, who had heard everything, felt cheated about Amanda but he opened his safe and opened Declan's computer. Nolan used its webcam to see what was happening. Jack made believe that he was angry with Amanda and that she brought a computer with her. They managed to lock him up and Jack began to inflate a boat. Nate shoot the lock and touched Jack in his stomach and Amanda left Jack in the boat and she stayed with Nate to save him. Amanda woke up and saw that Nate was looking for Jack without success. Amanda began to sink the boat. Nolan and Emily found Jack and Nolan took him away, while Emily sought for The Amanda. Nate realized that something was going on and when he went to see what happened Amanda hit him and then Emily appeared. Emily and Nate fought, Nate shot to the gas and Amanda shot him. When they were leaving Amanda returned to catch her locket and then Nate lighted the light creating an explosion. Amanda was hurt badly and died in Emily's arms.