Javier Salgado
Portrayed by Henri Esteve
Javier Profile
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Residence: The Hamptons, Nolan's House
Occupation: Hacker
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Black
Significant Others: Charlotte Clarke (ex-lover)
Character Information
First appearance: Disgrace
Latest appearance: Execution
Appearance Count: 6

Javier Salgado is a friend of Nolan Ross, whom he met in jail after the latter was framed for terrorism.


Season 3

Before Nolan left jail they met and became friends.

3x16 Javier

Javier in Nolan's house

In "Disgrace", Javier showed up in Nolan's house as he was on parole. Nolan agreed to let Javier stay for one night, though while Nolan was out he nominated Nolan's house as his residence for house arrest. Later on in the episode he helped Jack obtain evidence that had been confiscated from Stevie Grayson.

3x17 7

Javier talks to Nolan at the Casino

In "Addiction", Javier developed an app that took information from people's online habits and social networking and delivered it to an avatar of that specific person that you could ask questions. Later on in the episode, he rigged his ankle monitor so he could attend Emily's "Casino Night", where he met Charlotte Clarke, who he kissed before Nolan asked him to leave.


Javier at Nolan's house


Javier and Charlotte kiss in the pool house

In "Blood", Nolan gave Javier a contract to invest in his app, which left Javier with only 30% of the ownership and Nolan with the other 70%. Javier wasn't happy with this, so he declined. Later on in the episode he had a date with Charlotte, during which Charlotte suggested he invest with her brother Daniel instead.

Javier/Nolan chat

Javier rejects Nolan's offer to talk

In "Allegiance", Daniel and Margaux tempted Javier with a car so he would invest with them instead of Nolan. Because of this, and Charlotte's convincing, he decided to choose Daniel and Margaux. After Nolan failed to get Javier to talk to him in the morning, as he was sleeping with Charlotte, he later showed Javier a new contract that benefited him more than the previous one. Javier told Nolan that he was investing with Daniel instead, to which Nolan replied that he would regret it. This made Nolan declare war on Daniel and Charlotte in one of the closing scenes of the episode, claiming the he wouldn't let them corrupt Javier.

In "Revolution" Javier unveiled his new program MyClone. Javier attempted to give a demonstration, but Nolan had sabotaged the program, humiliating Javier and his employers. Daniel promptly fired Javier because he couldn't prevent Nolan from hacking the program.

In "Impetus", Javier tracked Charlotte's cellphone so Jack could find her.

In "Execution", Javier told Nolan that his parole is over and that he was leaving the Hampton's.