Jimmy Brennan
Portrayed by Brett Cullen
3x14 16
Biographical Information
Born: Unknown
Full name: James Brennan
Status: Deceased
Episode of Death: Payback
Time of Death: Summer 2013
Cause of Death: Blood lost due a head trauma
Residence: Wainscott, New York (former)
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Black
Children: Patrick Osbourne (son via Victoria)
Unnamed boy (son)
Character Information
First appearance: Hatred
Latest appearance: Payback
Appearance Count: 2

Jimmy Brennan was the biological father of Patrick Osbourne.



When Victoria was 15, he befriended her and eventually raped her, getting her pregnant with Patrick. Victoria was determined to keep Patrick away from Jimmy, who was looking for them. Eventually Patrick was adopted by Ed and Barbara Osbourne and Jimmy never located him.

Season 3

3x13 Jimmy

Jimmy finds Victoria

In "Hatred", Patrick questioned Victoria about why she didn't want him to meet Jimmy. They tracked Jimmy down where they found him playng with a little kid. Later, Patrick told Victoria he phoned Jimmy's company pretending to be looking for a job. Victoria urged him not to make contact with his father, but Patrick told him that wasn't her decision to make. Victoria ended up dropping her purse and Jimmy picked it up for her. He said the same thing he said to Victoria when he raped her causing her to freak out.

3x14 Jimmy

Jimmy recognizes Victoria

In "Payback", Jimmy got hired by Patrick to work on repairing the art gallery, before he learned what he had done to Victoria. Jimmy expressed regrets that he couldn't get to be a father to Patrick, causing Patrick to think that maybe Jimmy had changed. Jimmy later overheard Patrick and Victoria arguing and learned Patrick was his son. He and Victoria argued, and when Jimmy manhandled Victora, Patrick attacked him. Jimmy hit his head on the corner of a table and Patrick went to call an ambulance, but Victoria stopped him and let Jimmy bleed out. Jimmy's death was ruled an accident because investigators belived that he fell off of his ladder.


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