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Joe Ryan
Portrayed by Michael Rose
Joe Ryan.jpg
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Episode of Death: Lineage
Cause of Death: Shot by Matt Duncan
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Graying
Children: Kenny Ryan (son)
Nate Ryan (son) †
Character Information
Appears in: "Lineage"
Appearance Count: 1

Joe Ryan was a member of a racketeering group who used to go around Montauk threatening the locals for "protection money".

At one point, he threatened Carl Porter who for long refused to pay him for his family's safety. Intent on protecting himself on his own terms, Carl sent his sons Jack and Declan away for Thanksgiving, which was when Joe and his friends were planning on sending a stronger message to the "holdouts". He did so by throwing fire into the Stowaway. Unfortunately, Jack was in the tavern when it happened, and when Joe showed up, Jack told him that they would pay, just as long as they stay away.

When Carl later met with Joe to pay, one of his dock friends, Matt Duncan, showed up and shot Joe to death and into the sea in revenge of his daughter, who was in a hospital because of a hit and run Joe pulled on her. Matt used Carl's gun from the bar.

Joe's two sons, Nate and Kenny, later realize that his death must have something to do with Carl Porter and Matt Duncan since he had told them that he was meeting Carl the last night they saw him before his body was found washed up on Gin Beach, and Matt's daughter was hit by a car the same night, with strong possibility that it was their father. Years later, they come back for the remaining Porters for a vendetta. They go after their tavern, the Stowaway, although their whole plans are yet to be revealed.


  • His favorite drink was said to be Blue Label liquor (presumably referring to Blue Label Johnnie Walker scotch, the most premium JW brand), which he called "rich man's candy". Kenny also enjoys the same drink. (Lineage)