Lee Moran
Portrayed by Derek Ray
Lee Moran
Status: Deceased
Episode of Death: Justice
Cause of Death: Hanged by
Gordon Murphy
Alias: Mini-Frank
Gender: Male
First appearance: Commitment
Latest appearance: Justice
Appearance Count: 3

Lee Moran was among the many subcontractors the Grayson's late head of security, Frank Stevens, used to hire for certain tasks. He later becomes an associate of Victoria Grayson, who Frank may have entrusted his list of subcontractors with.


He seems to have been on retainer for Victoria for some time for various illegal services, such as assault and extortion. In Commitment, he is hired to retrieve Mason Treadwell's tapes of David Clarke's interview from Amanda Clarke. When Jack Porter sees him, they have a struggle and he ends up severely injuring Jack.

In "Doubt", Victoria calls him again to have him and his other fellow hires to beat up her own son, Daniel Grayson, in the correctional facility in Riker's Island so he can be sent away for home arrest instead. In Justice, he is again hired to intimidate a jury member in Daniel's trial into voting against his guilt and causing a hung jury, getting Daniel acquitted.

Once, Emily Thorne, in disguise, approaches him in a bar. Watching the news and discussing the Grayson family, she manages to convince him to confess to a lot of his activities for Victoria for a few drinks, unaware that his confessions are being recorded. Leading him outside, Emily beats him up, as revenge for what he's done to Jack and Daniel, and then makes an impression of his car keys.

With this, Emily is able to frame him for Tyler Barrol's murder by planting Jack's bloody hoody shirt in Lee's car and anonymously calling the cops on it. To seal the deal, the Graysons have Lee killed in his cell, made it look like suicide by hanging him, and even planted a suicide note in which Lee claims responsibility for Tyler's murder, publicly clearing Daniel.


Season 1