Lyman Ellis
Portrayed by Sebastian Pigott
Lyman Profile
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Episode of Death: Retaliation
Time of Death: July 4th 2014
Cause of Death: Fell to his death during a struggle with Louise by a cliffside
Occupation: Lawyer
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Parents: Penelope Ellis (mother)
Mr. Ellis (father) †
Siblings: Louise Ellis (sister)
Relatives: Nolan Ross (ex-brother-in-law, via Louise)
Character Information
First appearance: Madness
Latest appearance: Retaliation
Appearance Count: 4

Lyman Ellis was the older brother of Louise Ellis. He was a lawyer who was campaigning to be a congressman, and chose mental health as his campaign.


Season 4

In "Madness", Lyman showed up in the Hampton's and tried to convince Louise to come him. Emily Thorne later overheard Lyman and Louise arguing. Lyman told Louise that she should come home before she hurts herself or someone else. Nolan invited Lyman to dinner and made a donation to his cause. At dinner, Louise started having a paranoid delusion of Penelope and accidentally slapped Nolan. Nolan later accused Lyman of drugging Louise and threatened to expose him if he tried to take Louise home.

In "Kindred", Louise tells Lyman that she doesn't believe she killed their father, and that their mother was drugging her. Lyman produces "proof" that she did indeed kill their father and says their mother is only trying to help her. At Nolan and Louise's party, Lyman expresses his worried to Penelope, but she assures him he will get the funding he needs. Nolan later manages to prove Louise had nothing to do with her father's death. Lyman tries to mend fenced with Louise, and act like he didn't know what there mother was doing; but Louise sees right through him, and tells him she will stop funding for his campaign.

In "Bait", Lyman offered to represent Victoria as she sued Natalie Waters for control of Edward Grayson's fortune. Lyman found out that Natalie had been fired as a nurse for unethical reasons and Victoria officially hired him to represent her.

In "Retaliation", Victoria fired Lyman after they lost the case to Natalie. Lyman visits Louise and told her he wanted to reconcile with her. Louise agreed to give Lyman a chance, but later caught him downloading information from Nolan's computer. Louise realized that Lyman had been hired by Margaux LeMarchal, and took the flash drive away. Lyman followed Louise and they struggled over the flash drive. Lyman got a hold of it, but lost his balance, and fell to his death.