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Marco Romero
Portrayed by E.J. Bonilla
Marco Profile.png
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Occupation: Former CFO of Nolcorp
Nolan's liaison at Grayson Global
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Significant Others: Nolan Ross (ex-boyfriend)
Character Information
First appearance: Lineage (flashback)
Latest appearance: Sabotage
Appearance Count: 4

Marco Romero is Nolan Ross's former lover and CFO at NolCorp. After a falling out, he left, only to return to reveal NolCorp's connection to Grayson Global to Daniel Grayson.

Season Two

Marco, ex-boyfriend of Nolan Ross and ex-CFO of NolCorp, is back in Nolan's life, courtesy of Daniel Grayson who calls Marco and offers him a job. Now that Marco is back, he is also threatening to put Amanda Clarke's name on the grid if Nolan doesn't give him a job at NolCorp.


Marco is hardworking and ambitious, helping Nolan bring NolCorp to its current state. However, he is pressingly curious as well and challenged Nolan about the $500 million set aside in an offshore account before being fired.



Nolan Ross

Nolan and Marco were a couple during the events of "Lineage" (set in 2006). Their relationship began to crumble when Marco learned that there were $500 million left in a Cayman Islands account in 2002, something which Nolan wouldn't explain. Nolan later revealed that that the money was the rightful share for David Clarke's daughter. Marco couldn't understand Nolan's loyalty towards David and his daughter or his belief of David's innocence, so Nolan ended things with Marco and fired him. He gave Marco a severence pay, which Marco threw back at him.

Memorable Quotes



  • Marco was the only known past lover of Nolan's to be alive as of Masquerade, up until Patrick's debut and romance with Nolan.