Memorial Day Party 2013
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South Hampton, New York, USA


May 27, 2013



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Conrad's Gubernatorial acceptance speech

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Nolan Ross' Housewarming Bash

This is the annual party celebrated on the Memorial Day and the first to be organized by Emily Thorne, who decided to host the event on-land. The event served as the opportune stage for Emily to poison Conrad Grayson and to incriminate Ashley so that she couldn't be blackmailed by her. It was there that Emily introduced Dr. Jorge Valez and Ashley Davenport to set her plan in motion. When the Grayson Family arrived, Emily asked Conrad if he could say a few words after her speech and he accepted. Other events that occurred at the party included Daniel introducing Emily and Margaux to each other and Nolan's typically extravagant re-appearance strapped to a parachute and covertly smuggling the poison into the guarded event for Emily. Following these events, Emily presented Conrad Grayson's gubernatorial portrait and during his speech, Conrad fainted after Emily administered the poison within a bottle of water she gave him.