Memorial Day Party 2014
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Grayson Manor


May 26th 2014



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This was the second Memorial Day Party to be organized by Emily. Nolan helped her with all of the preparatives thinking that this would be the end of her revenge, but her plans were different. She invited Dennis and Jennifer, to present their boat. But during the presentation Emily changed the name of the boat from Jennifer, his wife, to Valerie his former mistress. Emily also invited a young lady, Nancy, who's fianceé was killed for Dennis fault. Emily tought that by doing that Nancy would thank her but instead she got mad at her because this was meanless as she would never have his fianceé back. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Gideon came to the party to knee under the new queen and to have a little fun. Just until officers Hunter and Porter came in. Ben tried to arrest Charlotte for doing drugs but Jack convinced him to let her go as she was his family, but before they left Jack threatened Gideon. When the party was over Nolan confronted Emily for not being able to let go her revenge even now that it was over. But she told him that this was all her world as every person that Amanda used to love is now dead.