Meredith Hayward
Portrayed by Dendrie Taylor
Status: Alive
Occupation: Foster mother
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Children: Emily Thorne (ex-foster child)
Eli James (ex-foster child)
Nathan Anderson (foster child)
Christina Miller (foster child)
Appears in: "Victory"

Meredith Hayward was Emily's foster mother after her father was incarcerated. She ran the Hayward House foster home for older children that were harder to find homes for. Meredith however, stole heavily from the funds provided for the foster children and kept them for herself.

Season 2

By 2012 the Hayward House had fallen on hard times and Meredith was fallen to only being able to pay the bills for another month. However, at this time Meredith was contacted by Eli James and Emily Thorne whom stated that they wished to fund the Hayward House through the Amanda Clarke Foundation charity. Meredith agreed to an arrangement with Eli James in which they would take the money that was to be allocated for the children for themselves splitting the profits 40/60 between each other. At the fundraiser, at which a number of former Hayward House residents are present, Eli tells the truth about Hayward, leading to the house being closed and her subjected to an investigation. Before leaving her to her fate, Eli forces her to reveal what she did with a number of letters sent to Emily by her father by locking her inside an old cage like she would do to the children under her charge.

Due to her keeping and reading letters sent to Amanda by David informing her of the truth, it is likely that she was aware of David's innocence and the conspiracy against him. Whether or not she withheld the letters due to the Graysons' involvement or Hayward's own malice is unknown.