MyClone Launching Party
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New York


Autumn 2013



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This event was planned to release MyClone to the world as well as introduce Javier Salgado, it's creator. The presentation began with Pascal announcing that Margaux would get the lead on LeMarchal Media and then Javier appeared, but as he betrayed Nolan, Nolan sabotaged Javier's presentation by changing the code of the program so it would make fun of the attendants. After becoming a failure, Daniel fired Javier as he already had the program. Meanwhile Emily, Nolan and Aiden were planning to takedown Conrad by putting a wire on Pascal and force him to confess. They left the party followed by Emily, Nolan and Victoria. Once they reached the top roof, Pascal tried to make Conrad talk but he noticed what Pascal was trying and killed him. Victoria appeared and found the body, but when the police came in, Conrad made it to avoid getting the blame for Pascal's death saying that it was a horrible accident.