Natalie Waters
Portrayed by Gina Torres
Natalie Profile
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Residence: Southampton
Nickname/s: Bunny (Conrad)
Occupation: Nurse (former)
Socialite (Former)
Rich Widow (former)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Significant Others: Unnamed ex-husband
Edward Grayson (Late-husband) †
Conrad Grayson (affair) †
David Clarke (dated) †
Character Information
First appearance: Kindred
Latest appearance: Retaliation
Appearance Count: 3

Natalie Waters was a new Hamptonite who has entered Victoria's circle.


Natalie had been the nurse, who had been seduced by the wealthy Conrad Grayson. Conrad promised Natalie that she would get his entire fortune, and Natalie was jealous of Lydia Davis. After Conrad's death, Natalie set her sights on his dying father, Edward Grayson. Natalie managed to coerce Edward into signing another will, leaving her his entire estate. She claims Edward didn't know anything about his grandson's death.

Season 4

In "Kindred", Natalie showed up in the Hampton's and observed Victoria Grayson being condescending to her friend.

In "Bait", Natalie revealed herself as the late Edward Grayson's wife. Natalie claimed that Edward rewrote his will when he couldn't get a hold of Victoria after Conrad's arrest. Natalie was awarded everything, but Victoria proclaimed the will as fraudulent. Natalie later met and charmed David Clarke. She used her newly acquired wealth to buy David a boat.

In "Retaliation", Natalie continued to flirt with David, and taunted Victoria about it. She and David begin dating. Natalie also purchased a new estate and held a worth there. She got David up to a room to so called be alone, but instead she ripped a bit of her dress and cried out that David was raping her. David tells her he saw a watch like the one Conrad had given to Lydia, and Natalie revealed that Conrad had promised to give her everything. Natalie also reveals that Edward had planned to leave his estate to Victoria, so she starved him, until he left Natalie everything. David asked Natalie why she wanted to ruin his life, and Natalie sneered that it was more about the power to make people believe anything she wanted them to. Luckily for David, Victoria was waiting and taped everything Natalie said, forcing Natalie to relinquish control of her fortune to Victoria.