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Nolan's House
Tumblr lusk0neTZT1qb29o3o1 500.png
Type Residential
Former residents Nolan Ross
Guests Amanda Clarke
Emily Thorne
Tyler Barrol
Alexander Barrol
Levels 2-3
Location Montauk, New York
Address Unknown

Emily frequently appears in Nolan's house in a mid Season 1. She often talks with Nolan about her plan and of course the back plan for the Grayson's. The house has a scenic view of the ocean and a simple pool behind the house. Jack, Tyler and Tyler's brother also appear here. At the beginning of Season 2, Nolan mentions that he sold his house because of "bad mojo".


  • This house can be seen in a Korean drama called "Heirs" as one of the main character's home in Los Angeles.
  • The house can also be seen in a commercial for Nordick Track featuring Jilian Michaels.
  • This house is located in California. The address is 27326 Winding Way, Malibu, CA, and can be seen during the third episode.
  • This house has been filmed in a number of other TV series, including Jen and Naomi's house from "90210", the Glass House from season 3 episode 1 of "Brother's and Sisters", and Brett Chandler's house in season 4 episode 2 of "NUMB3RS".
  • It is also featured in "Taken 3", as Stuart's Malibu home.