Penelope Ellis
Portrayed by Carolyn Hennesy
Penelope Profile
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Occupation: Socialite
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Blue
Significant Others: Mr. Ellis † (husband)
Judge Miller (affair)
Children: Lyman Ellis † (son)
Louise Ellis (daughter)
Nolan Ross (ex-son-in-law, via Louise)
Character Information
First appearance: Ambush
Latest appearance: Kindred
Appearance Count: 5

Penelope Ellis is the mother of Louise and Lyman Ellis.



Penelope was married to a wealthy man, who, according to her, was also a drunk. They had two children; Louise and Lyman. Penelope seemed to favour Lyman while Louise was favoured by her father. Penelope had an affair with Judge Miller, and Louise's father found out about it confronted Penelope. They fought on top of the stairs and Penelope hit her husband with his cane, knocking him down the stairs. Penelope put the blame on Louise and apparently had Louise drugged so she could have control of Louise's inheritance. The pills caused paranoid delusions and caused Louise to have hallucinations about Penelope taunting her.

Season 4

In "Ambush", Penelope appeared as a hallucination to Louise, berating her for being weak. This prompted Louise to try and kill Margaux LeMarchal by locking her in the steam room.

In "Contact", Louise hallucinates seeing Penelope after she is denied access to Victoria Grayson's room. As Louise and "Penelope" walk down the halls of the hospital, Louise see a baby in a stroller, and "Penelope" implies she needs to get pregnant with Daniel Grayson's baby.

In "Madness", Louise sees "Penelope" while having dinner with Nolan Ross, Emily Thorne and Lyman. "Penelope" taunts a seething Louise about her father and calls Louise worthless. As "Penelope" says her final insult, she leaned close to Nolan. Louise snaps and slaps Nolan by accident.

In "Abduction", Penelope shows up in the Hamptons and warns Louise that if she does anything to sabotage Lyman's campaign to become a congressman, she will cut Louise off of her inheritance. Nolan's lawyers find loophole: Penelope loses control of the money if Louise is married, so Nolan marries her. They share the news with Penelope, who privately tells Louise that she will tell everyone that Louise killed her father if she steps out of line.