Porter's Stowaway Tavern
Type Residential and Business (bar)
Inhabitants None (destroyed by Charlotte Clarke when she set it on fire in "Disclosure")
Former residents Carl Porter
Declan Porter
Jack Porter
Carl David Porter
Guests Amanda Clarke
Charlotte Clarke
Margaux LeMarchal
Levels 2
Location Montauk, New York
Address N/A

The Porter's Stowaway Tavern is a bar at Montauk, New York ran by the Porter family. It was established by Carl Porter and has been run by his sons Jack and Declan Porter. When Carl's wife left them, the Porters began having money problems, so he had to sell their house and they have been living above their tavern ever since.

The Bar is important to Jack, although he more than once contemplated to sell the bar for his and Declan's future: so Declan would have money for his studies and so he can finally sail away.

They've had a couple of help over the years. One is Kyla, Jack's ex-girlfriend, a burly man named Bo, and even Daniel Grayson, who worked as a bartender for a brief stint when he needed the job.

Amanda lived with Jack until her death and worked as a bar tender there. 

The Stowaway was destroyed when Charlotte set fire it on fire in an attempt to kill Emily Thorne. Jack later decided not to rebuild the Stowaway.

Scenes for the pilot were filmed at the Fishy Fishy Cafe in Southport, NC.  (Lots of films/TV shoot in the Wilmington, NC area.)  Check out this link for background.