Intuition 6

The Porter Family is one of the main Families in Revenge.

Family Tree

This is The Porter Family Tree. It contains all known members of this family.

Stevie Face
Stevie Grayson
Carl Face
Carl Porter
Mrs. Porter
Amanda Face
Emily Thorne
Jac Face
Jack Porter
Emily Face
Amanda Clarke
Declan Face
Declan Porter
Charlotte Face
Charlotte Clarke
Carl D. Face
Carl David Porter
Miscarried Baby

Known Family Members


  • Emily Porter - Married to Jack Porter at the time of her death.
  • Stevie Grayson - Mother of Jack Porter
  • Charlotte Clarke - Daughter of David Clarke and the mother of Declan Porter's unborn child
  • Amanda Porter - Daughter of David Clarke, Charlotte's sister also wife of Jack Porter and step-mother of Carl David.