Regina George
Portrayed by Seychelle Gabriel
Born: 1994
Status: Alive
Siblings: Unknown brother (deceased)
First appearance: Masquerade
Latest appearance: Truth, Part 1
Appearance Count: 4

Regina George is Charlotte's classmate from her high school. She is a cynical, sharp-tongued 18-year-old who possesses a vicious sense of humor and a wild streak.


Regina attended Collins Prep with Charlotte Clarke and Declan Porter.

Season 2

In "Masquerade", Regina goes to the Grayson's annual Masquerade Halloween Ball. There she makes snide comments about Amanda in front of Charlotte and Charlotte decks her even though Declan told her not pay attention to Regina.

In "Identity", she become Charlotte's friend after clearing up the air with her and convices her to go wild using the Grayson name. They then go clubbing and end up in the tabloids when they drunkenly kiss.

In "Engagement", she comes over to the Grayson's manor with a pregnancy test for Charlotte and makes a sarcastic comment to Emily when she bumps into her. She and Charlotte go clubbing, but Charlotte gets arrested. She promises Charlotte she'll bail her out. She is later seen watching the blackout from a NYC ATM with Declan.

In "Truth, Part 1", after the blackout occurs she's trapped with Declan in an ATM machine and isn't happy about it. Declan finds out she download her kiss with Charlotte on her phone seeing as she has a crush on her. Regina denies it and tries to turn Charlotte against Declan, by framing him for hitting her and stealing her bail money for Charlotte's arrest. Unfortunately for Declan, Regina had planted the cash in his pocket when they parted and had suffered some bruising to his hands when trying to break out of the ATM booth. Later in the episode, Declan tells Charlotte that Regina has the kiss video saved on her phone, leading to Charlotte confronting her. When she denies it and refuses to show Charlotte her phone, Charlotte says goodbye, ending their friendship.



  • Regina has the same name as Regina George, the antagonist from the 2004 hit teen cult movie Mean Girls and even characteristics to match with her namesake.
  • Regina is the only lesbian character on Revenge
    • Interestingly, Regina's actress also portrayed the character Asami Sato in The Legend of Korra, who eventually got together with the titular character in a lesbian/bisexual relationship.
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