Ryan Huntley
Portrayed by James McCaffrey
Ryan Profile
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Occupation: Lawyer
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Grey
Eye color: Blue
Character Information
First appearance: "Loyalty"
Latest appearance: "Commitment"
Appearance Count: 4

Ryan Huntley is an attorney from David Clarke's trial who Emily Thorne worked with years later.

Early Life

Ryan Huntley is the lawyer that refused to move forward with David Clarke's appeal of conviction. When Emily, then Amanda Clarke, visits him after her release, he questions his reason for dropping her father's appeal. Initially believing that their enemies had gotten to him, he proves her wrong when she explains that David was the one who told him not to proceed with the new trial since it would involve bringing Amanda in. He then tells her that he believes that David Clarke is not guilty.

Season One

He is first introduced in Loyalty as a high-profile lawyer that Conrad approached to handle his divorce. The top attorney turned down his offer to work for Victoria instead. As conditions, he requested that Victoria have no contact whatsoever with Conrad, absolute financial transparency from her, and Victoria’s full support, honesty and willingness to do whatever is necessary to take Conrad down, terms which, as shown in later episodes, Victoria breaches more than once, leading to his resignation as her attorney.

It is later revealed in Commitment that he had been working with Emily Thorne all along, helping her convince Victoria that Amanda Clarke is indeed the real Amanda, and most likely even providing Emily with information she needs from Victoria. He stops, however, when he sees that Emily is beginning to lose focus on her real goal and reminds her of this before leaving.