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Salvador Grobet
Portrayed by Joaquim de Almeida
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Alias: Brazil's Richard Branson
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Significant Others: Magda Grobet (wife)
Character Information
Appears in: Revelations
Appearance Count: 1

I should come to the Hamptons more often. Beautiful women seem to fall from the sky.
— Salvador Grobet in Revelations

Salvador Grobet is a Brazilian business tycoon and one of Grayson Global's investors. He was appointed a member of the board of directors in 1999, and has since been supporting all of Conrad's major decisions, mainly because they also benefit him. He also has strong influence over some of the members of the board. Though he is wealthy, he got his money by marrying rich. Although not specified how, he apparently married his wife, Magda, to get the business.

In "Revelations", Salvador decides to vote against Conrad after his son, Daniel, convinces him with the promise of control over NolCorp. Later, he meets the social-climbing Ashley Davenport during a visit at the Hamptons and is seduced by her under Victoria's instructions to make him change his decision. He sleeps with her but they are caught in the act by Daniel, tipped by Aiden (and Emily), and photographs them together to use as blackmail against him. He then talks to the members of the board loyal to him and they all vote in favor of the no-confidence motion against Conrad.