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Season 2 of Revenge began airing in the United States on September 30, 2012. Featuring 22 hour-long episodes, Season 2 airs on Sundays at 9/8c on the ABC Television Network. It was officially renewed on May 11, 2012, a while before the conclusion of Season 1, and production began on July 16, 2012.


Emily Thorne returns to the Hamptons with a vengeance. Her enemies may be the same, but her mission now takes on a new, suspenseful twist. Fell the poer of television's most seductive series, as the action and passion hit new heights in all 22 episodes of Revenge: The Complete Second Season on DVD.

Emily will stop at nothing to uncover the secrets of her father's murder, but the web of deceit is larger than she ever imagined. Now, with her mother (Jennifer Jason Leigh) in the picture, even more will be revealed. Watch the sparks fly as Daniel and Ashley begin a torrid romance, while the stunning events change the face of Jack and Amanda's relationship, and new faces mean more trouble for Emily and Victoria, while a mysterious man from Emily's past adds to her complications. Relive every biting and brilliant episode of Season Two, complete with bever-before-seen bonus features that will lure you even deeper into the dramea. Revenge: The Complete Second Season on DVD is addictive entertainment that will have you begging for more!


Main Cast

Note: *Was on recurring status episodes 1-13.

Supporting Cast

Guest Cast

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Episode List

# Image Title Viewers Airdate
1 Destiny 9.74 September 30, 2012
In the wake of last summer's events in the Hamptons and with the ante even higher, what will Emily's next move be? Will she be able to manage her heart and keep her emotions from getting in the way of her resolve to avenge her father?
2 Resurrection 2.jpg Resurrection 8.36 October 07, 2012
Emily tries to intersect her life with the Graysons' lives once again, while still maintaining a link to Amanda and her unborn baby.
3 Confidence 8.28 October 14, 2012
The Graysons return to the spotlight and the center of a media storm; Emily's past continues to haunt her.
4 Intuition 1.jpg Intuition 8.71 October 21,2012
Playing with the Graysons is definitely playing with fire, and Amanda learns that the hard way. Meanwhile Emily and Aiden each get blindsided, and the wheels start turning as Daniel begins to take matters into his own hands.
5 Forgiveness 2.jpg Forgiveness 8.18 October 28, 2012
Faces from the past are reemerging all around the Hamptons, and for Victoria and Emily it brings on different kinds of trouble and significance. Meanwhile Jack's sense of duty grows exponentially, and Padma makes a move that could have major ramifications for Nolcorp.
6 Episode6 3.jpg Illusion 7.94 November 04, 2012
The ties that bind Victoria and Conrad are tested as they reaffirm their loyalties and commitment to each other. Meanwhile the all-too-knowing Mason Treadwell digs deeper as Emily and Amanda struggle to keep their pasts a secret.
7 Exposure 4.jpg Penance 7.73 November 11, 2012
Things get complicated as Mason Treadwell delves further into Emily's past while Kara begins to unravel, putting the Graysons in her crosshairs
2 Week Hiatus
8 Lineage 15.jpg Lineage 6.92 November 25, 2012
Hindsight's 20/20 when a flashback to 2006 has Victoria getting a surprise visit from her estranged mother, triggering memories of her tumultuous upbringing. Emily embarks on her first mission under Takeda's training, where she meets Aiden and learns of his revenge path. 2006 is also the year Nolcorp goes public, and Carl Porter gets into hot water when he crosses the wrong people on the docks.
9 Revelations 21.jpg Revelations 7.65 December 2, 2012
Nolan is confronted with a skeleton from his past, and Daniel's leading role is challenged as Emily and Aiden weave their way through Grayson Global. Meanwhile, the christening of baby Carl brings new concerns to light for Jack and Declan.
5 Week Winter Hiatus
10 Power 1.jpg Power 7.12 January 6, 2013 
Victoria starts planning a scheme that includes Emily; Emily locks in on a new target; Declan learns something that may threaten the Stowaway’s future.
11 Sabotage 2 .jpg Sabotage 6.17 January 13, 2013 
Emily and Aiden execute their next attack at a fundraiser and wine auction; Victoria plans her next move; Jack, Declan and Amanda worry about the future.
12 Collusion 1.jpg Collusion 5.75 January 20, 2013 
With Emily by his side, Daniel goes toe to toe with his fiercest business rival, Jason Prosser, to land an important deal that Victoria is determined to block. Aiden takes a very dark turn, and Jack and Amanda's future lands in the unlikely hands of Conrad Grayson.
2 Week Press Release Hiatus
13 Union 5.jpg Union 5.07 February 10, 2013 
Emotions run deep when Jack and Amanda's wedding reminds Emily of what could have been. Meanwhile, things for Daniel get complicated at Grayson Global, and Conrad begins a new chapter.
14 B--805576933873279298.jpg Sacrifice 5.99 February 17, 2013
Even with threats on their family closing in, the Graysons are in rare form as they put on a bold showing at their annual Labor Day bash. Jack and Amanda sail off on their honeymoon, but the seas prove to be deadly, and this time Emily can’t control the outcome.
3 Week Mid-Season Hiatus
15 Retribution 2.jpg Retribution 6.96 March 10, 2013 
Still reeling from the devastation on The Amanda, Emily's commitment to justice and revenge is stronger than ever, while the Hamptons mourn the loss of one of their own.
16 Illumination 19.jpg Illumination 6.57 March 17, 2013
Jack is suspicious when Conrad and Victoria start a charity in Amanda Clarke's name; once again, Emily's past catches up with her.
17 Victory 1.jpg Victory 6.31 March 24, 2013
As Victoria asks Amanda's foster brother for help with her charitable foundation, Emily seizes an opportunity to settle a score with someone from her past.
18 Masquerade 14.jpg Masquerade 5.42 March 31, 2013
Hamptonites celebrate Halloween with a glamorous masquerade ball hosted by the Graysons, which is a perfect setting for Emily to drag out Victoria's skeletons. Jack steps up his revenge plan and finds an unexpected ally, and Aiden makes a bold move with a gruesome conclusion.
4 Week Hiatus
19 Identity 11.jpg Identity 6.05 April 28, 2013
Desperate to find Padma, Emily, Aiden, and Nolan must track down the Falc0n's true identity and put a stop to The Initiative while Emily struggles with her future and Victoria fights her own battle after a very exposing interview on "Nightline."
20 Engagement 14.jpg Engagement 6.23 May 5, 2013
Emily plots her next move in her new role as Daniel's fiancée, while Aiden struggles with the re-engagement. Meanwhile, Jack learns more than he bargained for, and desperate times call for desperate measures as Conrad's gubernatorial numbers slip after Victoria's big reveal on Nightline.
21 Truth Part 1 19.jpg Truth, Part 1 6.12 May 12, 2013
The second season of "Revenge" culminates in a special two-hour finale event with two back-to-back episodes filled with high octane and life changing moments. In the first hour, entitled "Truth, Part One", a series of dangerous events has been set in motion and it all comes to a head in one catastrophic moment that will change everyone's lives forever.
22 Truth Part 2 21.jpg Truth, Part 2 6.12 May 12, 2013
In the emotional second hour, "Truth, Part Two", the devastation leads to a heartbreaking death that will send shockwaves down the shoreline and force Emily to take a hard look at the truth and the path of revenge she has embarked on.





  • Just like Season 1, this season opened with the discovery of a body. This time, in Jack's boat, the Amanda, submerged in water. The victim's identity remained a mystery until halfway through the season, like in the first season.