Thanksgiving 2006
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Thanksgiving 2006



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This are the events that happened on the Thanksgiving of 2006.

Grayson's Dinner

During 2006, Victoria looked forward to celebrate thanksgiving with her husband, Conrad and her son, Daniel until he arranged to have his Victoria's Enstranged mon, Marion, come celebrate the holiday in an attempt to mend fences. Marion’s latest wealthy male companion, Mr. Greevy, will be her dinner date. It is revealed that Maxwell, Marion's previous husband, died a year before. Marion and Ben met through a fortuitous turn of events on a cruise. They believe they were 'destined' to be together.


Emily's Mission

Emily was under a Takeda's mission looking for Sergei Lvovsky and Dmitri Bladov as they were implicated in the takedown of the Flight 197. Emily found Aiden in the bar. Emily found a terrified Ashley about to sell herself. She gave money to her and asked her to sent to her mobile when Dmitri would show up and leave as fast as she could. The next day when Dmitri appeared Aiden tried to kill him and Emily stopped him. Then she saved him but they discovered them. Then Takeda showed up and they run away after Dmitri and Aiden killed him when he talked about Colleen, then Aiden agree to train with Takeda.


NolCorp's IPO

During the announcement of their IPO Nolan asked his workers to spent the day with somebody special. Marco discovered that the account of the Caymans (Emily's) was empty. Nolan told him that the money was now with Amanda Clarke and Nolan fired him as he didn't accept it.


Stowaway Incident

Jack Porter knew that his father had a duty with Joe Ryan when he had set fire to the bar. Jack told him that they would pay but Matt Duncan killed Joe. Joe's kids, Nate Ryan and Kenny Ryan thought that Carl killed him and they began a revenge that ended with the events of The Honeymoon leaving Amanda and Nate dead and Jack hurt badly.