Thomas Kingsly
Portrayed by Yancey Arias
Tom Profile
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Occupation: Lawyer
Senator (formerly)
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Significant Others: Diane Kingsly (wife)
Erin (affair)
Children: Unnamed unborn illegitimate child
Character Information
First appearance: Trust (video)
Latest appearance: Exposure
Appearance Count: 4

Thomas "Tom" Kingsly is the former senator who was the federal prosecutor at David Clarke's trial.


When Victoria, who was in love with David Clarke, saw that it was almost certain that David would be convicted, she told Kingsly she had evidence that could exonerate him, which Kingsly ignored when Conrad offered to support his political ambitions. Because of this support, he eventually became a U.S. Senator.

Season One

1x02 Tom

Tom as the prosecutor

In "Trust", Tom appeared in one of Emily's videos from the Trial of David Clarke.

Despite apparently having strict family value policies, Kingsly had an affair with a woman named Erin. When Kingsly found out that he got Erin pregnant, he made sure that the affair would be kept secret from his wife, Diane, whom he loved very much. Kingsly also demanded that Erin terminate her pregnancy despite his anti-abortion political stance. Emily Thorne and Nolan Ross, however, discovered the affair through a surveillance video from Erin's building (which Emily owns) so they use this information to anonymously blackmail him into retiring from politics, thus accomplishing Emily's revenge on him. They also invite Erin to the party at Grayson manor, putting doubt into Diane's mind and apparently convincing the senator to give up his reelection campaign. Even though Senator Kingsly gave in to his blackmailer's demands Emily still relaesed his sextape to the press. This cost Kingsly his family which Emily saw as justice since he played an integral part in destroying hers.

Season Four

Tom is seen in Exposure, talking to Bill Harmon and plotting with him (and Robert Barnes) to ruin Amanda after she had revealed herself to the world. When Amanda walks in and makes herself known to Tom, he hypocritically condemns her for ruining the lives of those who framed David Clarke. David overhears Tom's anger and tells off Tom for his hypocrisy and intimidates him to dropping the agenda.

Memorable Quotes

Emily to Nolan (about Kingsly): "I didn't want to just destroy his career. I wanted to destroy his life!"


  • Kingsly's situation is based on John Edwards, an American politician who had an affair which ended after he impregnated his mistress.
  • Kingsly seems to also be based on prosecutor Gérard de Villefort from The Count of Monte Cristo. Villefort was also a man with an apparently strict moral code that he didn't follow himself. Villefort knew Dantes was innocent but sent him to prison to protect his bonapartist father and further his own career. He also had an affair with Hermine Danglars, his friend's wife and got her pregnant. Villefort tried to kill the child by burying him alive but one of his enemies saved the boy. The child is later used to destroy Villefort.