Portrayed by Burn Gorman
Trask Profile
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Episode of Death: Masquerade
Time of Death: October 31st, 2012
Cause of Death: Had his neck broken by Aiden Mathis
Organization: Americon Initiative
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Character Information
First appearance: Sacrifice
Latest appearance: Masquerade
Appearance Count: 4
We don't threaten in two dimensions. We act in three.
Trask to Daniel

Trask was a member of the Americon Initiative sent to investigate what happened to Helen. Then, he took over for her after continued the operation to steal Carrion. In which he kidnapped and killed Padma Lahari and Colleen Mathis.


Season 2

Trask 2x14

Trask listens to Helen's messages

In "Sacrifice", Trask shows up at the Grayson's party and interrogates them about Helen's disappearance. After being told that Amanda Clarke may have had something to do with Helen's disappearance, Trask heads to the Stowaway and finds Helen's phone. He listens to a message from Padma Lahari demanding proof that her father is alive before she hands over Carrion, so Trask arranges to have her father's severed finger delivered to Padma.

In Victory, Trask makes a deal with Padma, the CFO of NolCorp, to give him Carrion and will in return give her father, Zahir, back, who had been previously captured by the Intiative. Nolan, Aiden and Emily make a plan to kill Trask and the other members of the Intiative when the exchange is made. However, the plan goes awry when the time of the meeting is changed, allowing only Nolan and Aiden to make it. After Padma gives Trask Carrion, he and some enforcers force her into the back of the car and kidnaps her. Aiden tries to shoot Trask, but Nolan holds him back, fearing for Padma's life.

Trask 2x18

Trask is strangled by Aiden

In Masquerade, Aiden hijacks Trask's car at gunpoint and forces him to take him to where the Initiative are holding Padma. Trask takes him there and reveals that Padma was killed earlier the same day after being held alive for weeks for some reason. During their conversation, Trask shows an intimate knowledge of the circumstances of Colleen's death, possibly implying that he was behind it. Aiden grabs Trask in a chokehold and breaks his neck as revenge for Colleen. When arriving at the Graysons' party, he tells Emily that he threw Trask's body in the East River.


Unlike his ally, Helen Crowley, Trask didn't seem to be sadistic. He didn't show much emotion, which made it hard to tell whether or not he was sincere when he said something. He was also more hands on then Helen like when he broke into the Stowaway instead of having one of the Initiative's employees do it.


Season 2


  • Trask is presumably one of the shadowy figures seen at the end of Revelations.
  • Trask may have been an investigator at one point since he has a badge and can easily pose as one.
  • In "Identity", Aiden tells Satoshi Takeda that he "killed the man that murdered his sister"; however, it was never stated that Trask is the one who killed Colleen.

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