Victoria Harper
Portrayed by Madeleine Stowe
Victoria Profile1.png
Biographical Information
Born: June 11, 1958[1]
Full name: Victoria Harper
Status: Deceased
Episode of Death: Two Graves
Time of Death: Summer 2014
Cause of Death: Shot in the chest by David Clarke
Residence: New Jersey (formerly)
The Clarke House Southampton, New York (former)
Psychiatric Hospital (formerly)
Grayson Manor (former)
Alias: Victoria Grayson (married name; formerly)
Vicki Harper
Queen Victoria
Queen of The Hamptons
Charlotte Clarke
Veronica Clarke
Occupation: Owner of the Harper Art Collection (formerly)
Charity Volunteer (formerly)
Housewife (formerly)
Socialite (formerly)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Significant Others: Conrad Grayson † (ex-husband)
Pascal LeMarchal † (ex-fiancé)
David Clarke † (ex-lover)
Dominik Wright (lover)
Frank Stevens † (attraction)
Jason Prosser (one-night stand)
Jimmy Brennan † (rapist)
Children: Patrick Osbourne (son with Jimmy)
Daniel Grayson † (son with Conrad)
Charlotte Clarke (daughter with David)
Amanda Clarke (ex-daughter-in-law)
Parents: Marion Harper † (mother)
Maxwell † (father)
Relatives: Edward Grayson † (ex-father-in-law)
Unborn grandchild † (via Charlotte)
Unborn grandchild † (via Daniel)
Character Information
Also portrayed by: Grace Fulton (15 year old Victoria)
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: Two Graves
Appearance Count: 88
I died long before you were born, this is just a formality.
— Victoria Grayson

Victoria Harper (formerly Victoria Grayson) (born June 11, 1958 - Summer 2014) was the main antagonist of Revenge. Formally considered by many as "the Queen of the Hamptons", with a net worth of $3.94 billion, Victoria Grayson was the glamorous, but powerful former matriarch of the Grayson family, who would stop at nothing to protect her social status and ensure that her children live up to their fullest potential. She was the arch-nemesis of Amanda Clarke, who held her responsible for the destruction of her father and her life.


Victoria was the second wife of Conrad Grayson and the mother of Daniel and Charlotte, and Patrick. She will stop at nothing to protect her social status and ensure that her children live up to their fullest potential. Her net worth is $20.0 billion dollars. Victoria was married to Conrad twice over a 26 year period. Although she seems to love her children very much, Victoria clearly favors Daniel while always finding a reason to chastise her daughter, Charlotte, as seen in the pilot. Before finding out her real identity, Victoria never trusted Emily and always disapproved of her dating her son.

Early life

Victoria Harper was born to socialite wannabe Marion Harper and Maxwell. who wasn't looking forward to fatherhood as he wanted to have his child aborted. Marion refused and raised Victoria alone. Marion desperately desired wealth and status and went to any lengths to achieve this goal. It is from her mother that Victoria learned the art of manipulation and how to destroy others. When Victoria was 15, her mother was seeing a wealthy man named Tom whom she hoped to marry. Unfortunately Tom had no intention to wed Marion and be stuck with some other man's child. In response Marion shot Tom in cold blood and manipulated Victoria into taking the blame and claiming self-defense. Marion gambled that the courts would be far more lenient towards a minor. This was the case, but Victoria still had to undergo a 6 month psychiatric review. During these months Marion reconnected with Maxwell. After Victoria returned home it became evident that Maxwell was a pedophile. Marion caught her man in Victoria's bedroom and blamed the poor child for the whole ordeal. The next morning Marion kicked her own daughter to the curb without so much as a penny, stating that she was sure Vicky would land on her feet. Some time later she married Maxwell. Alone and desperate Victoria shacked up with a man called Jimmy Brennan. At first he took good care of Victoria but eventually raped her. Victoria soon discovered the rape had left her pregnant. She took care of the child, whom she named Patrick, for a while when he was an infant, until she got a scholarship to L'École des Beaux-Arts in Paris (the Dean of admissions who handled the scholarship was led to believe she was just Patrick's au pair). The child was left at a church and the nun who handled him vowed not to tell Patrick who his mother was and never to tell Victoria where he went. In Paris Victoria met up and coming mogul Pascal LeMarchal at a flea market and they began a torrid romance. Eventually Victoria's student visa expired and she was forced to part with Pascal. He used to send her an orchid for each day they were forced to spend apart. When she returned weeks later to surprise Pascal Victoria found him in the arms of another woman. Seething Victoria broke things off with  Pascal, vowing to never go near him again.

These traumatic events scarred Victoria for life and turned her into the cold vindictive manipulator she is today. back in the States Victoria met Dominik Wright, a brilliant but penniless artist. Victoria and Dominik became lovers as well as partners in crime. Dominik made copies of famous paintings and Victoria sold them to gullible art lovers. Conrad Grayson, who was at that time married to Stevie Grayson an emotionally frail woman with a drinking problem, was introduced to her when Pascal briefly reentered her life. Though Victoria loved Dominik very much she saw Conrad as her ticket out of a life of poverty. Victoria used what she learned from her mother and seduced Conrad and later made him leave Stevie by claiming she was pregnant. After the marriage she did become pregnant and gave birth to Daniel Grayson who became the apple of her eye. Victoria fared well in the upper class and became the de facto Queen of the Hamptons. All desired her friendship but feared her at the same time. Overall her marriage to Conrad was devoid of any passion and when she met David Clarke years later she fell head over heels in love with him. Victoria soon began an affair with her neighbour and even considered leaving Conrad for him. She also became pregnant with David's child and later named the girl Charlotte after David's favorite aunt. Though David was arguably the love of her life Victoria still helped frame him for money laundering for Americon Initiative which resulted in the downing of flight 197 and the deaths of hundreds of innocents. Conrad convinced her that if he were to be tried and convicted Victoria too would lose everything. Their assets would be frozen and the ensuing scandal would remain a black stain on their children's lives forever. Victoria was also instrumental in condemning young Amanda Clarke to a childhood filled with misery and pain. Amanda never liked or trusted Victoria and even saw her stealing David's computer. Realizing that despite her young age Amanda might pose a very real threat to the conspiracy, Victoria had her labeled as a deranged child and locked away with the assistance of psychiatrist Michelle Banks. Her decision to help destroy David and Amanda has never stopped haunting Victoria though. This is made most evident in Victoria's troubled relationship with Charlotte. Not only does the girl look a great deal like David but she inherited his kind and fair personality as well. Thus Charlotte is literally the living reminder of what Victoria destroyed to maintain her position and wealth. Victoria also forced Conrad to keep the Clarke Beach House of the market for a decade in memoriam of David. Around New Year 2003 Conrad correctly guessing that his wife never fell out of love with their neighbour sold the house to Lydia and Michael Davis, much to Victoria's ire. When Daniel was about to start college Victoria finally saw an opportunity to repay her mother in kind for all the suffering she endured at her hand. Maxwell died leaving Marion destitute. Victoria arranged for her mother to meet the immensely rich Ben Greevy (actually a very talented Broadway actor in her employ) to seduce mommy meanest during a luxury cruise. After a while Ben 'insisted' on meeting Marion's family so they showed up during thanksgiving dinner. After reaffirming that her mother hadn't changed one bit (Marion even took credit for Victoria's current success) Victoria showed all present Marion's true colors: a heartless scheming gold-digger. Ben Greevey was naturally 'repulsed' by his bride to be's amoral nature and broomed her on the spot. Penniless and with nowhere left to turn Marion begged her daughter to show her some pity and allow her to stay. Icily Victoria stated that Marion had never instilled her with any pity and ordered her to leave, throwing in her mother's face that she would eventually land on her feet.

Season One

Victoria discovers that Lydia is the lover

In "Pilot" Victoria was hosting a party and at a planning meeting, Victoria and Lydia talked about the Van Gogh painting that was given to her and her husband Conrad. Victoria learned that her husband was going to be okay after his recent health scare and she also suspected that Conrad was having an affair. Later, at the big fundraiser, she met Emily who mentioned that she saw Lydia at the South Fork Inn. Victoria announced before the fundraising patrons that her dear friend Lydia was the winner of the auction of her treasured Van Gogh and mentioned that Lydia's beach house was going on the market. She later noticed Emily and Daniel talking which she did not like and called Frank to investigate her.

Victoria learns that Emily is the new owner of the beach house

In "Trust", she had her head of security, Frank, investigate Emily, but he proposed her to ask Emily directly, and she did, but Frank discovered that she was in the same organitzation that Michael Davis and she suspected that she was Michael's lover . When she invited Emily to tea she learned that Emily bought Lydia's house which she had been trying to buy. Finally Frank told her history between her 16's and 18's was in-existent and she asked Frank to follow her.

Victoria discovers the real lover

In "Betrayal" Victoria was planning for an upscale barbecue honoring Senator Tom Kingsley, but when Conrad asked him to stay at the manor Victoria didn't like it. Thinking that Emily was Michael's lover she made sure Emily was seated next to him to discover them but the real lover appeared. Conrad surprised his wife with a beautiful new necklace trying to get her forgiveness for sleeping with her best friend.

Victoria threatens Michelle

In "Duplicity" Victoria went to the Mothers and Daughters charity tea for mental health. But a tape from Michelle's patients in therapy appeared onscreen including her's where she said that she would prefer to have just one child, while Charlotte was next to her. So she threatened Michelle Banks for recording her sessions. She was scared that Michelle could tell everything about the conspiracy but hours later police came to the manor and Victoria was interrogated about Dr. Banks as she was missing.

Victoria hopes Lydia won't tell the truth

In "Guilt" Victoria was planning the Open Arms Charity Gala, when Lydia appeared asking for her friendship, obioulsy she kicked her out. Emily told her that Lydia was seeing Dr. Banks and that her tape didn't appeared, so she send Frank to her appartment to investigate. During the gala, Frank told her that Lydia was about to discover them so she told her that they were friends again. After the party Victoria told her that she hate her, and they would never be friends again. At night, Frank told her that Lydia had jump from her apartment.

Victoria discovers the truth about Frank

In "Intrigue" Victoria discovered that Frank threw Lydia after Conrad showed her a video from her house. Frank tried to tell her that somebody had frame him but Conrad fired him. Victoria hosted her 4th of July party and learned that Daniel wouldn't attendt because of his new job. Later before the party ended, she believed Tyler when he said that Daniel hurt him.


In "Charade", the Grayson's celebrate their wedding anniversary which ends in shambles because she kicked out Conrad. Hours later Frank called her when he was killed.


In "Treachery", Victoria brought Lydia to her house when Lydia came out of her coma with her memories missing. Victoria shows Lydia a copy of the scathing speech she intended to make the night she fell over her balcony. Victoria and Conrad get into a heated discussion about the investigation involving Frank. Victoria suspects that Lydia may have heard them.

In "Suspicion", Victoria was alone in her home, having driven Daniel to move in with Emily and Charlotte was already mad at her. After finding out about Declan and Charlotte, Victoria confiscates Charlotte’s phone and car keys before she headed to the Stowaway. She tried to pay off Declan, which she thought worked and then found out that Conrad took Lydia away.

In "Loyalty", Victoria still believed Tyler so she wouldn't kick him out. The Graysons are going to divorce so Victoria was approached by Ryan Huntley.The top attorney turned down Conrad's offer. Victoria learned that he would much rather represent her instead. Huntley had some conditions for his new client such as financial transparency as well as Victoria’s full support to do whatever was necessary to take Conrad down.


In "Duress", Victoria is upset that Daniel just wanted something small for his birthday. During the divorce settlement meeting, Victoria's lawyer pointed out that because she was pregnant when she signed the pre-nup, Victoria had the right to take 50 percent of Conrad's earnings. She later revealed to the lawyer that she lied at the time and then had to say that she miscarried after 10 weeks. Hours before Tyler points a gun at Emily, Victoria and Conrad meet Amanda for the supposed first time in years at Daniel's party. In the end, Ryan was able to find a doctor who would back her story.


Revenge Perspectives - Victoria Grayson

Victoria Grayson

In "Commitment" Conrad shows Victoria a video of David in prison, implying that Charlotte is his daughter. Conrad says that if Charlotte isn't his daughter then the only way Victoria will be able to keep it from the media is to walk away with whatever Conrad decides to give her. Conrad and his lawyer perform a DNA test that proves Charlotte is David Clarke's daughter. Conrad them attemps to emotionally blackmail Victoria into settling his way. Victoria is later forced to tell Daniel that David is Charlotte's biological father, but says that David raped her to save face.

In "Perception" Edward Grayson, Conrad's father, arrives in the Hamptons after Victoris fills him on the divorce. Victoria knows that Edward would be conerned about how a hostile divorce would impact Grayson Global, and that he would force Conrad into a settlement that would make Victoria happy. It works, and Conrad bends to Victoria's wishes to appease his father. Charlotte also asks Victoria to come to lunch with her and Declan, giving Victoria a chance to bond with her daughter. Later, Victoria shares a dance with Edward, and he says he doesn't want her and Conrad to end up alone like he is. As the Grayson family sits down and eat dinner, Jack burts in and confronts Victoria about her affair with David, how she betrayed him and let Amanda's life be torn apart. Edward asks Victoria if what Jack said was true, and Daniel says that Victoria wasn't true. Annoyed, Conrad confronts Victoria about her attempts to lie. Victoria warns Conrad not to say anything more, and Daniel says Charlotte doesn't deserve to be in the middle of this. Conrad says Charlotte is in the middle, thanks to Victoria. Charlotte wants to know what is going on, so Conrad tells Charlotte that David Clarke is her biological father. When Daniel wants the truth, Victoria is unable to tell him and leaves the table. She later watches from the balcony as Edward scolds Conrad and threatens to remove him as CEO and groom Daniel to take his place.

In "Reckoning", Victoria is set on delivering the evidence to the SEC about Conrad, after she finds out he is also going to get prosecuted (for the murder for hire that killed David Clarke). Shortly before leaving to go to Washington DC to testify against Grayson Conrad (relating to the murder of David Clarke and domestic terrorism) she finds out that Lydia Davis is no longer willing to help her testify in the case (she later convinces Lydia that this is her last chance for immunity in the trial) Victoria tries to console Daniel Grayson after finding out that Emily broke up the engagement between the two. This causes a heated argument about the evils of both her and her soon to be ex-husband Grayson (making the two more distant) In a last ditch effort by Conrad to convince her not to go to Washington DC and not to testify he tells her that this may be the last chance she has to save her family. Conrad also said if she steps on the plane everything is over for their children. Victoria goes against Conrad's wish, and leaves for the airport from Grayson Manor. You see Victoria Harper Grayson and Lydia Davis stepping onto the private jet to head to Washington. Then you see Charlotte Grayson in her bedroom at Grayson Manor watching the news, where she learns the plane Victoria was in had an engine failure and that may have killed Victoria and Lydia Davis (caused by the "white-haired-man", who killed David Clarke).

Season Two

Her fate is revealed in Destiny. After Charlotte tells Emily something it's revealed that Victoria is alive. She claims to be under protection by the government until they can rebuild the case against Conrad. She has been secretly been in contact with Charlotte as well as the White-haired Man, who is hiding her and getting her and Charlotte fake identities so they can leave the country. She and Conrad later frame him for kidnapping her by having Conrad beat her and chain her to a wall.

In "Intuition," Amanda had her baby shower at Grayson Manor. She then sneaked away and while getting communication from Emily through an earpiece, confronted Victoria about her handwriting on a sign-in sheet from the hospital where her mother was institutionalized. During the argument, Victoria revealed to Amanda that her mother faked her death because she tried to kill Amanda. They got into a scuffle about the sign-in sheet which ended with Victoria accidentally pushing Amanda over the railing. She was taken to a hospital, where she eventually recovered and gave birth, while Victoria burned the sheet.

In "Collusion," Aiden aimed to kill Victoria while she was with Jason Prosser, but she either sensed him or wanted privacy, because she closed the curtains. The second time Aiden tried to shoot Victoria, Emily was there to stop him. Meanwhile, in the last few episodes, Victoria had been worried for Daniel's safety, assuming the Initiative was manipulating him in a mysterious evil scheme it may be working on. She persuaded Emily to rekindle her relationship with Daniel and wanted him to give up as much as he could as CEO, but her plans ultimately failed when she helped him instead.

In "Union," Victoria was reminded her of a time when David Clarke needed her and she turned her back on him. Victoria went to Conrad and asked for documents of every transaction he made with the Initiative to help Daniel further and convince that he is in danger.

Victoria moments before killing Helen

She told Daniel everything at Grayson global and lays out how the Initiative was behind Flight 197. Daniel finally believes her, however their conversation was being recorded and watched by Helen Crowley. Helen later visits Victoria and demands her to turn over the evidence of their criminal activities or she will never see Daniel ever again. Victoria lures Helen into the pool house to where the evidence presumes to be, after Helen finds that the safe is empty she is met by a gun pointing at her. Helen continues to insult Victoria and claims she isn't capable of killing in cold blood, only to be met by a bullet in the chest, killing her. Victoria then calls Daniel and tells him to come home in a unique way that will get him away from harm. Daniel and Conrad both return home to be met by the body of Helen Crowley.

Victoria 1stson Masquarade .jpg

Later in the season it turned out that Victoria had another child, a boy named Patrick. Forty years ago, 16-year-old Victoria Grayson got pregnant from Jimmy Brennan, her mother’s perverted boyfriend whom she later married. In "Masquerade," Victoria tells Conrad that she had an abortion and ended the pregnancy early. But later we learn that Victoria found refuge at a Catholic school where a nun, Sister Rebecca Gallagher agreed to take in the child and keep his mother’s identity a secret. Sister Rebecca Gallagher also vowed to never tell Victoria what became of her first born son.

In "Identity," after telling the truth about her first child on Nightline, Victoria approaches Nolan and offers to give back his ownership of Nolcorp in exchange for him tracking down her first-born son. Nolan later learns from the Falcon that Victoria is playing him and actually paid off her son to disappear when he came looking for her in the 1990s.

In her last scene of the second season, Victoria is surprised to find Patrick (who is unseen by the viewers) on her doorstep. The season ends before her full reaction can be seen.

Season Three

Victoria happy with Patrick

In "Fear," we discovered that Victoria had spent six months with her son Patrick Osbourne. But after Charlotte threatened him, Patrick decided to leave. Then he saw a man in her balcony, whom she thought was Patrick but discovered that it was Aiden who had come to help her destroy Emily. 

Victoria allies with Aiden

In "Sin," Victoria begins to investigate Nolan's deed after Aiden told her that it was paid with her fortune. She discovered that Nolan had the painting that she had auctioned. Aiden revealed that Emily was the one who had bought it. She introduced Patrick to her family but anybody seem to liked.

Victoria goes after Emily

In "Confession," Victoria begin to create fights between Emily and Daniel when she told him that Emily had seen Aiden while she was engaged. Then she appeared in Nolan Ross' Housewarming Bash with Aiden which angered Emily and Daniel, and Emily revealed that the Grayons were infact bankrupt. Then Conrad told her that she wanted to confess everything and she became mad about the consequences, but Conrad had take the decision.

Victoria getting a new job

In "Mercy," Victoria planned with Patrick her first take down to get a job. She went to see her old friend Sheila Lurie asking her for a job, who not before taking pleasure in Victoria sinking a few levels, gladly offered her one, but Sheila organized a Welcoming Reception to humiliate her. Meanwhile Patrick sold one of Victoria's art piece to Sheila without the right paperwork. When Victoria received a call from a friend saying that she had her painting Victoria decided to act. She blackmailed Sheila to get her job and kick her out of the Hamptons.

Victoria uses Charlotte to cover Patrick

In "Control," Victoria decided to strike the final blow to Emily and Daniel's relationship. She told Emily that Conrad was after Jack, knowing that Emily would left all behind to help him, and she did, because she missed the Voulez Launching Party. But Victoria was there to support his son. When Aiden told her that her son Patrick had tried to kill Conrad she asked her daughter to take blame to protect him.

Victoria with her fortune

In "Dissolution," she planned to leave Conrad as he was about to sell the Manor. She put everything in Patrick's name so Conrad could not take her money. But everything changed when Aiden showed her the Graysons fortune. She told Conrad that she was staying and he told her that he was after Patrick as he discovered that Patrick tried to kill him. Victoria met with Patrick to tell him to leave the Hamptons and disappear. Victoria lost her son again.

Victoria kicks Aiden out

In "Resurgence," Victoria continued with her plan. She made Aiden to get close to Emily to put Daniel jealous but it didn't worked because Daniel was feeling something for Sara. This was a plan of Charlotte and her's worked so Victoria kicked out Aiden from the manor.

Victoria talking with Rohan

In "Secrecy," Victoria continued with her plan to stop the wedding, today she planned to invite Rohan Kamath to the bridal shower to humiliate Emily. But it exploited in her face as Emily married him to help him to avoid his deportation. Sara Munello saw how obsessed Victoria was and decided to leave Daniel. Finally Victoria revealed to Emily the lair of the Graysons where Daniel was with Sara.

Victoria surrenders

In "Surrender," Victoria discovered that Emily was pregnant but she thought that Emily was faking it to tie up Daniel. When she told him that he became mad and told her that she was going to marry her whether if she wants or not. Then Charlotte told her that she had give up on tying together Daniel and Sara. So with her children against her she could do just one thing, surrender. So she told Emily that she wouldn't attend to the wedding.

Victoria discovers that Emily is against her family

In "Exodus," Victoria receives the visit of Patrick and convinces her to attend to the wedding. Then at the yacht Emily drops her glass to her and she leaves to clean. But in the bathroom Lydia appears and shows her the photo from the 2002 Grayson New Year's Bash where Emily appears. She met with Emily in the deck of the yacht and she revealed to her that she was not pregnant. Then Aiden took her off.

Victoria knowing about the box

In "Homecoming," Victoria was the first suspect for Emily's disappearance as she hadn't was in the deck of the yacht when she was shot. But Margaux gave her an idea as Lydia wasn't on the photos that were took at the moment of the shooting. So he forced Conrad to do the same that she did with David Clarke but now with Lydia Davis in order to protect Daniel. She discovered that Patrick lied to her and went to see Nolan in the middle of the Wedding but he fix it when he told her that Nolan was keeping a box with the sing that Emily has tattooed in her wrist

Victoria reading the fake Infinity Box

In "Endurance," Victoria took Emily to the Grayson Manor. Meanwhile she and her son Patrick were planing to get the box that Nolan was hiding in his house. She told to Emily that to save Emily's life the doctors had to make the sacrifice and she wouldn't be able to conceive. Then Patrick gave her the box, and when she opened she discovered that Emily had been after her family all along, but the box was fake and she didn't discovered the truth about Emily.

Victoria finds Jimmy

In "Hatred," Victoria told Patrick who is his father, and took him to see him. Then she followed him into a bar where Jimmy usually goes. Then her bag fell and Jimmy helped her, and when she saw him she scared. Then at Grayson Manor she told the truth to Patrick, that when she was 15 Jimmy forced her.

Victoria fulfilling her revenge

In "Payback," Victoria discovered that a fire had burned the Gallery and when she arrived there, she saw Jimmy as Patrick had hired him to repair it. When she was shoping she found Stevie who had returned to the Hamptons. During Charlotte's birthday Jimmy appeared. Victoria angry went to see Patrick to know why he hadn't fired him. But Jimmy appeared and finally recognized her. When he caught her Patrick killed him accidentally. Then at morning Stevie came stating that the manor was her's and kicked her out.

Victoria lets go of her son

In "Struggle" Victoria discovered that Patrick had been in a fight in Jimmy's wake. So she talked with Nolan to create a plan to help Patrick. She planned to make Stefano Leone to hire him so he could leave the Hamptons. And he did leaving her a message in her phone saying goodbye. Her fight with Stevie continued as she hired a judge to declare Grayson Manor a landmark so Stevie couldn't turn it into a halfway house.

Victoria kicks Emily out

In "Disgrace," Victoria discovered that Emily kissed Aiden as Daniel showed her the photo. She asked him to let her be in when Daniel would tell Emily that they were getting in divorce. She and Daniel told it to Emily but she told them that she would take them down. Pascal tried to invite Victoria to a date but she refused. In the opening night Charlotte showed her that Emily's diagnosis, showing that she faked her pregnancy was online. So she acted like she knew nothing to kick her out. The next morning she kicked her out of the manor.

Victoria lets Emily win

In "Addiction," Victoria discovered that Emily was organizing a beneficial casino party for a charity. She knew that Pascal was on that charity so she taught that she was doing it to talk with Pascal. She and her family decided to go to know which were her plans. Pascal proposed her to play poker against Emily and she let her win to know what was she up to. Then she talked with Pascal to know what did Emily told him. Pascal told her that he was her ally and they kissed.

Victoria vistis Mason

In "Blood," Victoria visited Mason to discover the truth about Emily, but he would only say something if she took him out of jail. So she asked Conrad for help but he refused. She visited Stevie as she learned that she visited Mason too. When she arrived, she told her that Mason was found dead and left a bottle of Gin in her room knowing that she would drink again.

Victoria discovers Emily's plan

In "Allegiance," Victoria prepared a trap for Emily, she asked Luke to return to the Hampton's and they faked a fight that Emily listened. After Emily took him down she realized that Emily was avenging David Clarke.

Victoria at the scene of Pascal's murder

In "Revolution," Victoria is anticipating Emily's next move now that she knows what she's up to, however she is also excited as Pascal proposes to her. After Pascal is interrogated by Emily, he suggests him and Victoria leave the country. Victoria finds the card of "Agent stone" and confides in Daniel, who betrays her trust which ultimately leads to the murder of Pascal at the hands of Conrad. Victoria rushes to the scene and discovers her Fiancee's brutalized dead body. After the accident she tries to ring "Agent Stone" only to discover a deleted number, leading her to conclude it was a setup by Emily.

Victoria finally knows Emily's true identity

In "Impetus," Victoria is bent on revenge against both Conrad and Emily. She obtains baby Carl's DNA through his blood and walks away with a motive. She returns home briefly to mourn for Pascal, only to find Conrad in the house who tells her of Charlotte's kidnapping. The two have a fight but then come to a brief agreement that Charlotte needs to be protected and they would both confess their crimes. Shortly after, Victoria tests Carl's DNA with Charlotte's to see if "Amanda" was really who she claimed to be. Once she got the results back, she pulled out of the conference that was planned with Conrad. After Conrad's arrest and take down, she spoke with Daniel briefly and told him that she acquired information that made her certain that Charlotte would never be harmed, and that she is in her right mind about many things, including Emily Thorne, suggesting that she finally knows her real identity.

Victoria in the psychiatric hospital

In "Execution," Victoria escorts Pascal's body off to a Jet so that it can be buried back in France, she then plans to take out Emily once and for all and put the flight 197 chapter behind her for good. Victoria orders Kurt Renner to get a piece of Emily's DNA to finally confirm that Emily is Amanda Clarke. Victoria later shows up at the practice of Michelle Banks already waiting for Emily to send Aiden. She had Aiden's tea poisoned with a toxin which leads to paralysis, allowing her to smother him to death as a way to get 'even' with Emily for taking away her chance at true love. Victoria then leaves his body inside Emily's house and listens on as Emily cries out after discovering his body. The day after Victoria confronts Charlotte after her talk with Emily and asks her where she is going, only to be told that Emily is moving David's body at the graveyard. Victoria finds Emily digging up what presumes to be her father's grave and the two begin to scuffle, Victoria tells Emily that the David she knew and her father were 'very different', she then asks why Emily is digging up his grave, to which Emily shows her that she is actually digging up Amanda's grave. After this Emily knocks Victoria out with her shovel. Hours later Victoria wakes up in a psychiatric hospital strapped down. Emily had convinced the hospital that Victoria was unstable and was obsessing over her being "Amanda Clarke" which was followed by a false accusation of Victoria digging up Amanda's grave and then attacking Emily when she discovered her. Victoria tells the doctor that Emily is lying and then says that she cannot be held in the hospital without another doctor's authority. Michelle banks then walks in with fake sessions detailing Victorias 'obsession' with Emily spiriling into acute psychosis. Emily leaves the room while Victoria starts shouting repeatedly that Emily is Amanda Clarke.

Season Four

Victoria escaping the hospital

In "Renaissance," Victoria has been committed to the psychiatric hospital for 6 months. She was able to obtain a phone from her friend Phyllis to which she rang Grayson manor to try and call for aid, only to have Emily pick up to which she found out surprisingly it was her that was living in her old house. Victoria then orchestrates a plan among her hospital mates to finally escape from the hospital. Later Victoria shows up at the manor and confronts Emily, declaring war, to which Emily accepts. After getting the door slammed in her face, Victoria walks off only to get smothered by David Clarke.

Victoria telling David about Emily

In "Disclosure," Victoria dreams about meeting David again in the beach house, about to be strangled to death. She wakes up realizing it was a dream and notices she is in his van in the back while he is driving to an unknown destination. She continues to fake her unconsciousness until he opens the van door which gave her an opportunity to kick him in the face and run. Victoria calls for help on the road but David catches up to her. Victoria is then escorted by David to his hideout for over 10 years. David confronts Victoria and asks for the truth, Victoria replied with a sympathetic story without explaining the whole picture and also made up lies about Conrad threatening her children to keep her in silence for years. David believed her and tells her he wants to start over with her and Charlotte, as he wanted to give Charlotte what he was unable to give Amanda (suggesting he believes she died). Victoria answers with sympathy and doesn't tell David that Amanda is indeed still alive. After suggestion David takes Victoria to a cafe to have something to eat, where David confessed to killing Conrad. David claimed he did it for Victoria as he didn't want her to be a victim anymore. Victoria put her hands on David's and thanked him. Later on the two were driving and Victoria told David she had been locked up for 6 months. David asked who did it and Victoria told him it was Emily Thorne.

Victoria holding Emily at gunpoint.

In "Ashes," Victoria and David find a Cabin to stay in temporarily. Victoria wants David to lay low until she can see her banker about getting some funds together. She doesn’t want to share him until he has to. Victoria learns that all her assets are either frozen or gone. Daniel clues her in on Charlotte’s latest escapades. Neither of them notices Louise, Victoria’s roomie in the mental institution, watching them from afar. Louise tracks down Victoria on the street. She offers to help with her situation. Victoria politely dismisses her vowing that she’ll be in touch when things change. Elsewhere, Charlotte’s pill-popping gets put on hold when her mom shows up. She confirms that Emily Thorne is Amanda Clarke. She admits that she tried to kill her. Victoria promises Charlotte that she’ll protect her. She lets her know that her real father is alive. They can’t tell him that his other daughter is also amongst the living. Moments later, David meets Charlotte for the first time. Emily shows up at the cabin while David is away. Victoria pulls a shotgun on her. Emily apologizes to Charlotte and taunts her archenemy to fire away. Victoria refuses to do so. That would be too easy. She owes her much more than a quick death. Victoria fills in David on how Emily is now after Charlotte. She wants him to stay put to protect her. David has other ideas in mind as he heads out into the world with a knife hidden on his person. As for Victoria, she needs money. So she heads of to attempt to tap one more source. That would be Margaux, who offers to give her a loan.

Victoria noticing Emily in the crowd.

In "Meteor," Victoria knows that David needs an explanation for where he’s been before he reemerges. He also needs an alibi for the night Conrad was killed. Victoria says she will handle all this. Charlotte is going down the pill-popping road again until Victoria tells her that if she truly wants a relationship with her father then she needs to fight for it. Later, Victoria gives Daniel an envelope full of money without revealing that she got it from Margaux. Her son already knows this. Victoria storms off refusing a drink that was anonymously sent her way by Louise Ellis, who then meets with Daniel. While in New York, a police friend lets Victoria know that David Clarke has been arrested back in the Hamptons. David tells the feds that Conrad Grayson had him locked away. He tortured him. David claims that he fears Conrad will find him. He already knows that can’t happen, as he’s the one who killed him. David’s story that he was beaten and tortured for 10 years hits the news. Victoria is impressed at how he just cleared himself of any wrongdoing whatsoever. She pledges her allegiance to him. Both Victoria and Charlotte join David for a press conference and she notices Emily in the crowd as she is saying she is happy that she, David and Charlotte can now be family.

Victoria not impressed

In "Repercussions," Victoria visits what is believed to be Amanda's grave alongside David. She still hasn't told him that she is alive. Later on she and David arrive at their motel, Victoria watches as an unknown driver tries to run David over. She is later confronted by Charlotte, who accuses her of setting up the entire scene, to which she swiftly denies, and claims that Charlotte is being manipulated by Emily. Later Victoria and Charlotte stage a scene where Charlotte takes David to meet Jack while Victoria is met by Emily in the motel Room. The two exchange a venomous verbal exchange about David. Victoria tells Emily to tell him, and that she believes he will be ashamed of her after all she has done. Victoria and David are met by Daniel, who apologizes to David for his fathers wrongdoings and gives him the deed for his old house. Victoria doesn't like this and tells Daniel she doesn't want David being used. She later confronts Margaux and threatens to expose Pascal if Margaux doesn't give her the final say on the interview.

Victoria at the TV interview

In "Damage," Victoria visits David to see how his first night at the beach night went. She reveals that after his arrest she used to cherish the house as a reminder of David. Victoria visits Daniel and notices the newspaper article. Page 6 does a story on how Louise Ellis has hired Daniel to manage her millions. Victoria says the girl is mentally unbalanced. She fesses up about being in the psych ward with her. She meets with Louise briefly and threatens her over Daniel and says it's best if they cease contact. Victoria leaves Louise twisting as she meets with Margaux, who lets her know that she can’t interfere with her interview with David, who has asked Nolan to join him on TV. That night Victoria has a heated verbal exchange with Nolan, before watching him humiliated on live TV by David. After the interview she walks in on Charlotte packing her bags. Charlotte tells Victoria that she’s checking herself into rehab. A large part of why she’s doing this is to get away from her. She knows what she did to Aiden. She blames Victoria for tearing their family apart. Victoria visits David again that night and agrees to stay with him at the beach house indefinitely.

Victoria after the accident

In "Ambush," Victoria is in bed with David in the middle of the night. She hears something downstairs, it's Emily. Victoria goes to investigate but Emily is gone. The next day Daniel shows up in the morning and tells Victoria her plans won't end well for her and that he won't be caught in the crossfire. David confronts Victoria after having a discussion with Emily. David asks why Victoria didn't try to help Amanda after his framing. Victoria continued to lie and say Conrad would have hurt Amanda if she had helped her. David seeks to get more answers from Amanda's stripper friend, so Victoria retrieved a necklace she had hidden away. A short time later, David talks to one of Amanda’s friends at the strip club. This woman makes it seem as though Victoria was the only person who ever looked out for his daughter. Her words were part of a rehearsed scene orchestrated by Victoria, who pays off the stripper with the necklace she retrieved earlier. David apologizes to Victoria for doubting her loyalties. The two of them are getting very close on the sofa when Emily storms in. She orders Victoria out, as Victoria goes to get in her car she is struck by lightning and left unconscious in the middle of the road.

Victoria with Daniel in the hospital.

In "Contact," Victoria is rushed to hospital by David after the accident. She briefly wakes up and notices Emily and David arguing about her and in response codes herself to set a distraction. When David walks in Victoria learns that he saved her life, she is surprised to hear this news, the doctors then take her for an MRI. Later on Victoria is questioned by David as to why she painted Emily as an enemy. She tells David that Emily is her enemy and that she was scared if she told David Emily would have locked her up again. That night two men infiltrate Victoria’s hospital room. They threaten to kill her unless David comes with them. A mighty fight ensues with an additional party jumping into the mix. It’s Emily. She helps battle the two men until David sounds an alarm, Emily escaped leaving both behind. When Victoria is alone again she is confronted about Daniel regarding his inability to love and how he blames her. Victoria claims she sacrificed David over Daniel because she would always choose him over anyone. Daniel doesn't believe it and leaves her abandoned in her hospital room.

Victoria phoning Kurt Renner.

In "Intel," Victoria’s near-death experience has her wanting a normal family life. Daniel says that Emily will eventually destroy her before letting her be a true part of her father’s life. Victoria still believes she can be with David. She asks him about Emily/Amanda and if she was there during the attack. David lies saying she wasn’t. Victoria learns that Conrad’s "killer" Vince Walsh was caught, she's advised by Police Chief Alvarez to stay away from David for a while. That’s not going to happen. Victoria phones Kurt Renner to dig up information on Vince Walsh. Victoria confronts David back at the beach house about keeping secrets, the two get into a heated argument. Kurt arrived that night when Victoria was alone, he was able to find out that Walsh was working for Malcolm Black. She finds out that David was working for him a couple of years ago. In response, Victoria reveals that Emily is the "answer" on a photograph and sends it off to Malcolm. Later, Victoria and David reconcile and he tells her more about Malcolm.

In "Atonement," Victoria is mad with David for keeping her in the dark about Malcolm black. She suggests that Emily assists them as she has money, but David doesn't want Emily involved. While David is away, Kate pays a visit to Victoria. She confronts her about the photo of Emily she anonymously sent her way. Victoria threatens to expose Kate as an associate of Malcolm Black unless she leaves her and David alone. She challenges her to uncover Emily Thorne’s connection to all this. Later on Victoria learns of Margaux's pregnancy. She tells Margaux that a child deserves a father. Daniel loves her. Victoria believes that Margaux loves him, too. She meets with Daniel, who lays out the truth that their family is a bunch of cowards. He’s done running though. He hopes she is, too. David returns home to share a glass of wine with Victoria. He slips the powder he got from his former cellmate into one of the glasses. Victoria is about to take a sip from the poisoned wine. She stops when her conscience leads her to tell the truth about how she helped Conrad frame David. She betrayed him. She was afraid of him because he never told her the truth about her first wife. She used David to get her and Daniel out of a dire situation. Shortly after they both hear gun shots from Grayson manor and head over to investigate.

In "Epitaph" Victoria is devastated to discover that Daniel has died. She is even more upset when David suggests they make it look like Emily killed Daniel in self-defense in order to hide the involvement and death of Katherine Black, Malcolm's daughter, so he doesn't try to seek revenge. Victoria is hesitant, but reluctantly goes along with the idea.

In "Abduction" Emily and Victoria are held captive by Malcolm and his henchmen. Malcolm wants to kill Emily back as he strongly suspects that David is involved in the death of his daughter. As Malcolm is about to stab Emily, Victoria says that she killed Kate because Kate had killed Daniel. Malcolm is furious and punches Victoria in the gut. Jack and Ben Hunter arrive, alone with David, and a fight breaks out. Emily knocks Malcolm down, but David shot in the leg. As Emily attends to her father, Malcolm gets up, and Victoria tries to warn her. Malcolm knocks Emily down and goes to throw her into the fire. Victoria screams, and then Malcolm is shot by David and falls into the fire. Victoria tells David that she will leave him and Emily alone and wants to focus on mourning Daniel.

In "Kindred" Victoria attends Nolan and Louise's Wedding Reception, where she reconnects with all her old friends and tries to reestablish herself as the queen, despite her fall from grace. She also meets the mysterious Natalie Waters. Victoria attempts to reason with David and says he would have done the same thing in her position, and David admits he would have and has done so when he asked her to drag Daniel's name through the mud. After everyone leaves, Victoria then gets a call that says their' been a death in the family.

In "Bait", Victoria tells Margaux that Daniel's grandfather, Edward Grayson, has passed away, and talks about how Edward was wealthy, and she would use that wealth to help provide for her grandchild. However, Victoria is shocked to learn that Natalie is Edward's widow and as such has inherited his entire estate. Victoria questions the validity of Edward's will. Natalie tells Victoria that Edward had tried to reach out to her after Conrad's arrest, and when he couldn't get ahold of her, he rewrote his will to give his estate to Natalie. Victoria says that when Daniel died, she left Edward many messages and asks if she is the reason he never called him back. Natalie admits she didn't want to cause Edward any more grief. Lyman Ellis approaches Victoria and offers his service, knowing that even a small portion of Edward's fortune would be enough to finance his campaign. Victoria tells Lyman to find out some information about Natalie. Lyman finds out that Natalie was fired as a nurse, so Victoria hires him.

In "Retaliation" Victoria and Lyman lose the case, and Victoria fires Lyman. Natalie tells Victoria she is holding a Memorial Day bash at the new house she purchased and invites Victoria. Victoria finds out about David and Natalie and warns David since she still has feelings for him. Victoria and David later work together to trap Natalie when David learns Natalie had been intimate with Conrad. He gets her to admit that she forced Edward into signing his estate over to Natalie and Victoria gets it all recorded. Victoria blackmails Natalie into signing over Edward's fortune to her, and Natalie complied to the demand. David later congratulates Victoria on getting what was rightfully hers in the first place.

Victoria preparing to fake her death

In "Burn", Victoria was attacked in a parking garage and blamed Emily for the attack. She had Kurt Renner deliver her chair to her and then told him they would be parting ways. Victoria set her chair up in the manor, and turned the gas up to full. She lit a match and the manor exploded with her presumably still inside.

In "Aftermath", A body was found in the ruins of the former Grayson manor that was identified as Victoria's. Emily saw a video from Victoria, taunting her about setting her up for Victoria's murder.

In "Plea", Emily discovered that Victoria had faked her death, but Ben didn't believe her. Louise found the black hoodie that Victoria's attacker was wearing while going through Victoria's things, and showed it to Ben, who decided to investigate. Ben's investigation led him to a very much alive Victoria, but he was killed by White Gold.

In "Two Graves", Victoria and Margaux plot for Victoria to leave for good with a new identity. Victoria also reveals that the body that was identified as hers belonged to her mother. When Marion was dying, she summoned Victoria to her bedside to taunt her about how she had wrecked her family. Victoria demanded to know who her father was, and Marion said that it was the man she had seduced, which means Maxwell was Victoria's father. After Marion passed away, Victoria set her body up in the chair and put her wedding ring on Marion's finger. Victoria attends her own funeral and is disappointed that neither Patrick or Charlotte showed up. She did see Louise though give her a really touching eulogy, and she decided to tell Louise the truth, and implored her to keep pretending she was dead. Victoria embraced Louise as a daughter and promised they would be reunited. Louise returned and told Victoria that she felt Victoria had just used her and Victoria said that wasn't true. Victoria tells Louise she didn't want to hurt her, Louise says she did and she also hurt others before leaving. As Lousie is leaving, Emily arrives and is ready to shoot Victoria. Victoria warns Emily that there are camera's and if Emily kills Victoria, she will go to jail. Emily is ready to pull the trigger when someone else shoots Victoria. Victoria falls to the ground as David is revealed to be the shooter. Before dying, Victoria shoots Emily in the back as she and David are embracing.


Victoria was manipulative, cold and rarely displays her true feelings, ironically she was more like Amanda Clarke than either of them had ever realized, the only big difference in their personalities was; that Victoria was not loyal to her loved ones, although Victoria rarely shows her true feelings, she has a more vulnerable side as made evident by her request that Frank Stevens to stay with her when she was alone in her house. She also seemed genuinely devastated when Frank was killed and it has been implied that she might have had feelings for him, although it was possible that she was simply manipulating him to get him to do what she wanted.

Victoria did genuinely love David Clarke, but it had been implied that she used to have a rather weak willed nature, since she helped Conrad and Frank frame him, despite her feelings for her lover. However, after David's arrest, Victoria appeared to become a stronger person, doing her best to get David out of prison despite the disapproval of her husband. She later stated that David was the only man she had ever truly loved and never forgave herself for betraying him.

The Hampton Queen was also fiercely competitive and suffers no rivals. Victoria seemingly wants to own the people she claims to love and desires to be the only person in their lives who matters. This might explain why she never got along with young Amanda Clarke and why she never truly apologized for all the harm she did her.

Victoria was a hypocrite, as she claims that what the conspirators did to David was horrible, when she was the one who betrayed him in the first place. She's also livid that Conrad and Lydia had an affair, although Victoria did cheated on Conrad too, but she never loved him to begin with.

Victoria loves her children very much, although she had a better relationship with Daniel than she did with Charlotte, it was later revealed that Charlotte was actually David Clarke's daughter and the reason Victoria was so cold towards Charlotte was, because she reminded her of the fact that she had betrayed David. As time went on Victoria's whole family turned against her, but after surviving the White haired man's attempt to assassinate her, she became closer to Charlotte. She loves her eldest son Patrick the most. When he returns, she spends the entire summer bonding with him and they develop an intense mother-son relationship.

In Season 4, all of Victoria's children turned their backs on her, this time for good. Charlotte checked herself into rehab tired of being a pawn in her mother's war with Emily. Daniel sees his mother as cautionary tale; Victoria's twisted kind of "love" only ensures a life of solitude. Wanting to be better than his parents Daniel leaves Victoria to self-destruct. Even Patrick whom Victoria connected with the most left in the end, hating the violent duplicitous man he was becoming under Victoria's influence. In a rare show of altruism Victoria allowed her favourite son to depart.



David Clarke

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Conrad Grayson

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Victoria Conrad.png

Victoria and Conrad Grayson are former husband and wife. They married for the first time because Conrad thought that Victoria was pregnant. During their first marriage they had Daniel and Charlotte but Conrad didn't know that the latter was David's. They divorced when Victoria discovered his infidelity, married again to protect each other and divorced again when their relationship spiraled even further down.

Dominik Wright

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Frank Stevens

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Victoria Frank.png

Victoria and Frank used to be former boss and employee until Victoria discovered that Frank tried to kill Lydia, then she fired him. Once he lost his job, he tried to get it back by trying to win Victoria's affection and by trying to expose Emily Thorne.


Daniel Grayson

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Charlotte Grayson

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Victoria Charlotte.png

Victoria and Charlotte are mother and daughter. They've always had a rough relationship, but it turned worse than ever when Charlotte discovered that her real father was David Clarke and that her mother Victoria, framed him for a crime he didn't commit. Time let them heal they wounds and eventually they created a better relationship. However once Charlotte learned that Victoria murdered Aiden, she decided to part ways with her mother indefinitely and check herself into rehab.

Marion Harper

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Lydia Davis

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Victoria Lydia.png

Victoria and Lydia were once best friends. Their relationship was ruined after Victoria discovered the affair between Lydia and her husband, Conrad. Lydia then helped Victoria take down Conrad, act that lead to her fake death. When she returned to the Hamptons they seem to be friends again but that ended soon when they fought for the Grayson Manor.


Amanda Porter

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Emily Victoria.png

Amanda and Victoria hate each other for two very different reasons; Amanda Clarke sees Victoria as the person who ruined her childhood by framing her father and then proceeding to have her locked up as a child. Victoria Graysonblames Amanda for the destruction of her family, since she began date her son Daniel Grayson. Even that they've always keep the forms until the wedding of Emily and Daniel, since then they both have been after each other which led Victoria discovering Emily's real identity and being institutionalized by Emily. The two continue their warfare throughout Season 4, which indirectly led to the deaths of Daniel and his unborn child. Victoria even faked her death with the intent of framing Amanda for her murder. The war between them finally came to an end when Amanda's father David Clarke, shot Victoria so that Amanda wouldn't have to live with the consequences of committing murder.

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  • It's strongly implied that Conrad and Victoria had an affair when he was still married to his first wife. Victoria then lied about being pregnant to marry him.
  • Ironically, she had a affair with David Clarke when she learns years later that Conrad was sleeping with Lydia. She filed for divorce along citing irreconcilable differences, stating David was the only man she ever loved.
  • Although Victoria loved David, she never extended that love to his daughter. After framing David, she institutionalized Amanda and bribed Michelle Banks to poison Amanda's mind about David. In season 1 when Victoria heard that "Amanda" is back in town she does nothing but treat her with contempt, and later in season 2 she helped Conrad frame her for the murder of Helen Crowley. In season 3 when she found out Emily really is Amanda, she still shows no compassion or remorse, but instead hurts Emily even more by killing Aiden, her fiance. When David Clarke returns, she even paints Emily as an enemy, knowing she is his daughter.
  • Victoria calls her father-in-law Edward Grayson "dad" although he is Conrad's father and not hers. She actually seems to have a better relationship with him than Conrad.
  • Despite the fact that both Victoria and her ex-husband (and her number one co-conspirator) Conrad were murdered by the same person (David Clarke) her death has some differences with that of Conrad's; when Conrad realized that he was going to die, he accepted his fate and did nothing to stop it, and as a result he died in a honorable way. Victoria on the other hand, used her last breath to shoot her nemesis and David's daughter, Amanda in the back and that resulted in her dying in disgrace.
  • At the end, Victoria suffers the same fate that she and Conrad planned for David; as she was betrayed by everyone which lead to her demise.
    • Despite the fact that David murdered Victoria, he avoids prison time; due to his terminal diagnosis, also, as far as the people of the Hamptons are concerned; Victoria was nothing but a monster who got exactly what she deserved.
  • It was revealed that Victoria's father raped her when she didn't know who he was.
  • Victoria is the only main female character to be killed off.

Memorable Quotes

  • Then you never should have slept with my best friend.
  • I see a pretty girl with cheap shoes and limited social graces.
  • I knew that your future with Daniel was as empty as that box
  • For a man with a penchant for writing letters, you would think that Roger would have left a suicide note.
  • Sometimes I wonder if having a second child was a mistake.
  • I know what a woman in love looks like and that's not you. Not one year ago and not today.



  1. Date shown on medical records in "Identity" and year shown on gravestone in Two Graves
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