White Gold
Portrayed by Courtney Love
White Profile
Biographical Information
Status: Alive (Incarcerated)
Occupation: Assassin
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Character Information
First appearance: Clarity
Latest appearance: Two Graves
Appearance Count: 3

White Gold is an assassin that Margaux LeMarchal hired to kill Amanda Clarke. In "Plea", she kills Ben Hunter by stabbing him in the neck.


Season 4

In "Clarity", Margaux contacts White and demands that she clap off the hit on Emily. White says she has already set it in motion, but Margaux threatens to expose White's real identity if she doesn't stop the hit, so White does.

In "Plea", Margaux contacts White when Ben Hunter gets a lead that Victoria Grayson is alive. Ben finds Victoria, but White kills him.

In "Two Graves", White returns to the house where she killed Ben to cover her traces and to find Amanda. She finds Jack and almost kills him after a short fight but a SWAT team enters, leaving her no option but to run away. Later, she is contacted by Margaux who tells her that putting Nolan in danger will bring Amanda to her. She enters Nolan's bar, stabs his hand while he isn't paying attention and tells him to call Amanda with the hand he has left. Nolan then grabs a taser and neutralizes her. She is last seen lying on the ground, while the police are on their way.

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Season 4